Gina M 09/04/2022
I just wanted to let you know that we have 100% transitioned our 3 cats to the litter robot and we couldn't be happier! It took about a week, no accidents or confusion - their other trays just got left unused once we didn't clean them regularly (2 days maybe?)
Having a clean odourless litter tray has stopped any soiling other than in the robot and they seem to be getting on a lot better now without territory disputes!
The clay clumping litter you recommended is much cheaper and more effective and we use less. And we don't have any more family arguments about emptying litter trays :)
Thank you for your exemplary customer service - I really appreciated the phone call and emails.
Purchasing the litter-robot III Connect has been LIFE CHANGING for our family.
Karyn Clarke 29/01/2022
I dont know why I didnt purchase this to begin with! The JOY of not having to empty 2 litter trays twice a day, having litter tracked thru the house and the smell is unexplainable. Now I get sent a text when it needs emptying, there is NO smell, no tracking thru the house or stuck to furry bottoms! The service has been fantastic by either phone or email and delivery has been fast even during Covid times. Both kittens were using it within a day and it keeps them entertained too, the second it starts to cycle both have to stand with paws on the top step and watch the machine clean, 6 weeks later that novelty is just starting to wear off lol. Happy to highly recommend everything about the product and the supplier.
Lauren 19/12/2021
Purchased my 1st Robot Connect roughly 18 months ago. The team were amazing in helping when I had some issues. Turned out, I just wasn't clipping it together properly.
Due to having a bad back, I thought I would have to stop breeding my beautiful Birman's. But the Robot has made it possible to keep going. I loved it so much, I just purchased a 2nd one.
Rosie S. 29/09/2021
I’m so happy to report that I cleaned everything with the magic eraser and the second I clicked the hood back in it started to cycle. I didn’t even have to press reset. I have chucked the cat in 3 times for it to cycle and it has done so each time without errors I have also wobbles and pressed and pulled on the hood and this hasn’t upset it either!!
Seriously though how good are magic erasers, the amount of black stuff that came off even after I thought I cleaned them as incredible!
Thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate your time and patience
Anne 15/08/2021
If you have a cat or two you need a Litter Robot. The convenience of just removing a bag 1-2 times a week and replacing it with a new one is fantastic. I use old Woolworths bags as fit well. Accumulated heaps over the years. Coles bags are too small. I use the cheapest clumping cat litter and it works fine. I used to have to buy move expensive cat litter for normal litter boxes as cheap litter would not work as well in these. Its an expensive outlay but find as I recycle Woolies bags and cheap litter it has paid for itself.
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