Nikita E 21/07/2018
I am very sceptical when it comes to buying technology for my cats as I have tried so many different types of feeders and fountains. Then I saw that someone shared this company and said there drinking fountains are really good for cats that love to play and spill water EVERYWHERE. To be honest I didnt think it could be possible but when I saw they had a sale for feeder and water fountain with filters I thought I would give it a try. I am very impressed, no water on the ground and the feeder is amazing. I can watch him in the camera on my phone app anywhere. I am in love with there stuff. I have now bought another set and I can't wait to save up for the litter robot. I would recommend to anyone
Julie Cass 09/03/2018
The best cat fountain I have purchased, and I've tried a few, both cheap and expensive models. So easy to assemble and clean, the sturdy filters last for months and, most importantly, my cat (a drinker from baths, showers, vanity basins and buckets) actually uses it! I especially love the fact that a red light warns me when i occasionally need to add fresh water and this is as simple as pouring water from a jug into the top of the fountain. Another plus is the the three different settings. Stylish, simple and so easy --- if you're looking for a quality cat fountain, you've found it here!
As an added bonus, Mary and Ken at Cat Evolution, are so helpful and your product will be delivered promptly.
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