Maxine 05/04/2017
This kitty litter- like the litter robot is worth the money. Any clumping litter will work ok in the litter robot however this litter is exceptional. I have tried various other clumping brands with the robot, and yes all of them clump and work but other litters just aren't as effective. This litter clumps quickly- so you can keep the robot on the shortest cycle (which is important in an apartment with 3 cats) but for us- most importantly the odour control is second to none! Other clumping litters don't control odour nowhere near as well as this litter. Amazing product! Thanks Mary for your above amazing customer service, you are a star!!!
Belle and Bronte 14/01/2017
We are two Birman cats and our humans bought us the Litter Robot (BEST present ever!) and the Evolution clumping cat litter to go in it. We previously used crystal cat litter and the humans used to wail about it feeling like walking on glass when they would accidentally step on a piece. Now with this new clumping litter they are not finding litter on their pillow, in their bed and on the sofa anymore. This litter also feels so good on our paws and it clumps perfectly so the Litter Robot can dispose of it in its magically poop disappearing way. There has been a great improvement in the smell of our bathroom and we put it down to this litter and the Litter Robot. This stuff gets paws up from us!
Celine Tan 18/12/2016
Re-ordering in bulk please! Our babies (3 cats) love to use the robot, and they have finished 2 bags already! Well, I have to say these 2 bags lasted the longest ever! 5 stars of course!! Or if you have 10 starts, I'll give you 10!!
Tania 03/11/2016
The cat litter works in the litter robot perfectly. The litter does not stick to the cats paws like other litter and with maine coons hairy paws this is great. We have five cats using this litter in the litter robots and I would think I would be likely to go thru approx. two bags a month at most. I was going thru a bag a week of the other litter i used and it cost almost twice the price so well worth it.
Whitley Gilbert 30/10/2016
I love this cat litter! We currently have a closed box litter box in our open living space for our two cats. Prior to using premium clumping litter we had to change our litter a lot more frequently due to the noticeable smell when coming home at the end of each day. Having changed to Cat Evolution premium clumping litter we no longer notice the cat smell at the end of each day and changing the litter at the end of each week has become so much easier! Amazing!! I am really happy with Cat Evolution premium clumping cat litter and the great customer service from Cat Evolution - Thanks a million Mary!!
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