Sammii T. 20/01/2020
Another wonderful product is the Premium Clumping litter. At first I was a little sceptical due to the price, but after using it for the first time I was sold! It has no dust at all, well none that I noticed. It is extremely quick to absorb, and is truly unscented. I was using different litter that I thought was okay, but realised how truly dusty it was compared to cat evolutions product. So now I can't go back to the old one.
Rebekah M. 13/06/2019
I absolutely love my cat robot and the ongoing customer service I have received from Cat Evolution. They go above and beyond. The litter is also the best I have tried in terms of odour control and not leaving a trail of litter outside the box. My cats are happy, I’m happy, and my partner who doesn’t really like cats is happy having my two inside the house now. A huge relief!
Amy R. 03/05/2019
There is NO better litter then yours for the litter robots
Everything else Ive tried does not clump well or sticks to the bottom and then makes a big mess!
Julia C. 01/03/2019
We had a little teething issue which was after a few days there was quite an odour coming from the machine. As it turned out it was the kind of litter we were using. I ordered the Cat Evolution Litter which is AMAZING! After giving the machine a good clean and starting from scratch with the new litter it has been odour free and I only have to empty once a week. This machine is worth its weight in gold. So easy to use, empty and clean. Heaps of great tutorials on youtube for tips on cleaning etc. I would highly recommend this product and the Cat Evolution Litter!
Nathaneal Z. 26/02/2019
I love this cat litter, by the way :) It does not have the strong chemical smell that some other cat litters have, and it would seem my cats don't track as much of it out of the litter robot as my previous litter.
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