Catmosphere Cat Cafe Sydney 24/04/2018
Best litter we have ever used it is a real life saver.
Anita 07/04/2018
I do like the litter and find it seems great in relation to keeping the litter box smelling fresh . You guys are always so helpful in trying to accommodate your customers, so thank you
Soumyadeep 15/07/2017
I would also like to add that the litter odour has dropped down to nearly zero. Credit goes to both the design of the unit and also the premium catevolution litter which I'm guessing has a percentage of carbon in it (looking at the colour and the way it blackens with moisture).
Great products (both unit and litter). Great performance. We are very happy so far.
Alex 11/06/2017
Hi Mary, well problem solve!!! The new cat litter is amazing and seems to be doing the job. The robots are nice and clean !!! Great News! After 2 weeks of using the new (Cat Evolution) cat litter, we haven't had any problems with the robots!!! The cat litter is amazing and the robots even better!!!! Thanks Mary your support has been invaluable.
Christine 25/05/2017
It is clean no fuss no smell.
I just can't see spilt litter on the floor at all, it is invisible and does last long time.
I am glad I made the choice as I work a lot on night duty and is less work
for me, more time to sleep.
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