Eddie L. 22/09/2020
Just would like to give you some feedback about the premium litter that you sent.
They are great, fixed the smell very well. I don’t have the issues since.
I can not thank you more. I will rate 500 stars if I could.
I think as everyone should use the premium litter to escape from the headaches like what I had, as the litters in the market does not explore the full benefit.
Gabby 27/07/2020
I've tried multiple different litters, and this one is the best by far in terms of odour control. Can't smell anything -- amazing, thanks :)
Lily & Monty 22/07/2020
We highly recommend the Cat Evolution Premium litter....purrfect for our new Litter Robot Connect.... it is economical, clumps quickly and well, does't stick in our paws and is nearly odourless.... !

Caterina P. 01/07/2020
I love the clumping litter btw. It keeps everything so much cleaner. It makes an amazing difference.
Nikki 20/06/2020
I have tried lots of different types of cat litter and this is by far the BEST. My cats love it. There is less dust, less mess and its very clean. Love this brand. Thank you!
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