Kate W. 10/06/2019
The Litter-Robot is the best buy ever!

It took only three days to transfer our two girls across. The change was big for them as the location of the litter box as well as well as the cat litter material changed. We just left it turned off for a few days and mixed some used crystals into the clumping clay and they worked it out in no time. We have a LARGE Selkirk Rex and a slim and light Devon Rex. The Devo has high attitude so when she gave it a paws up we knew we had a winner.

They love the permanently clean box. Markedly little debris coming out on their feet too.
Pauline C. 08/06/2019
The Litter Robot is absolutely amazing! Best cat litter tray invented!!! Have posted it on FB messages to friends!
Elpida A. 07/06/2019
Hi I recently purchased the litter robot and it’s the best investment I have gotten for a cat.. so easy to use. My cat loves it even though at the start she was playing with it . She always used to go in and then get out, wait for the timer then jump back and or watch it rotate. Thank you so much :-)
Madaline C. 07/06/2019
Robot returned. It has been an efficient and smooth process. We really appreciate your thorough communication. It was great service. Thank you.
Marissa R. 01/06/2019
I have to contact you all straight away. 10 hours with the robot set up and it’s in full use. 3 devons ( 1 is pregnant ) all using it. Switch from paper to clumping no issues. I think I’m in love with a robot!!
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