Ajh 14/09/2020
Excellent product, I previously had a petsafe scoopfree litter tray and that was a bit of a pain to replace the trays and much more expensive long term.
Replacing the bag is much easier with this machine and my cat loves it - when I had to finally dismantle it for a deep clean after about 9 months of ownership he waited for it to be reassembled rather than go in his old litter tray.
The only trouble I have had with it is my cat sometimes likes to try and hop in when it is doing its cycle.
Becc 14/09/2020
I am a registered breeder of Maine Coons. We received our Litter Robot last week and the transition was like fish to water. We have gone from wood pellet litter straight in to the Robot with clumping - no issues. It’s amusing to watch the Maine Coons investigate the Litter Robot. A couple of the girls thought it would be fun to climb in while it was rotating. They must have thought they were at Luna Park, on the Gravatron.

Anyway, HIGHLY RECOMMEND. As a breeder, litter tray cleaning is so very important and time consuming. It’s nice to have some free time now.

Glamason Maine Coons
Katya Kovac 10/09/2020
We've only had the Litter Robot for four days but it has been amazing. No more scooping poop and less odours in the house. We followed advice before receiving the robot regarding changing to clumping litter beforehand and both our cats took to it right away. Genius idea, we love it!
Sara C. 03/09/2020
Thank you again for you always wonderful, friendly and quick service! I recommend you to everyone who wants to buy a litter robot and tell them how great the service is.
James asido 01/09/2020
When my automatic litter robot open air 3, my 3 cats just love it from the beginning.

This automatic litter robot open air 3 has saved Me sssssssoooo much money on cat litter and I will never go back to the old ways scooping poop out on the box.

P.S I can’t Waite to buy my second one, once you’ve guys have it on stock again
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