Raewyn H. 08/09/2019
We are going well with the litter robot. I have had to come around to a new way of thinking for the cat litter though. I have been using Aldi litter for the last few years but I don’t think it’s as suitable for this machine. At the end of the day why would I buy a top quality machine and have cheap litter in it?! So we have moved on to using half of the Aldi litter mixed with the trouble and trix litter. Once that has been used up I will be purchasing your litter. The cats have been doing well using it, there is one who has to run out to the lounge room when she hears the machine starting to see who used it ???? (nosey little bugger). I should imagine a large percentage of your clients wonder why they didn’t do it earlier, but I am glad I have done it now.
Ana K. 02/09/2019
I am really happy I purchased the Litter Robot cause it really really made my life easier as I dont have to scoop the litter everyday. And Yes I did notice the the tray gets filled up in the left side but I only have one cat using it as of now so it's okay to empty the drawer every week. Other than that, I have nothing negative to say about this product.
Thanks very much.
Tracy G. 01/09/2019
It took Minnie a week to use the litter robot. We had to try a few things, which surprised us as she is a very adaptable cat.
One week on I am pleased to report that she is using it with no problems and is totally fascinated by it. When she hears it begin to cycle she comes running from wherever she is and sits and watches it do it’s thing. It's hilarious.
Definite success here.
Tony H. 24/08/2019
Yes another happy customer with results that have exceeded my expectations, even the naughty one who liked to poo on the tiles right beside the litter tray , now can’t wait until his sister, ( & 7 minutes ) has passed so he can have his turn, It has bought apartment living with cats into the 21st century,
Thanks again, Will recommend to anyone, great service and product.
Sebla 23/08/2019
We and our two cats are so happy with this product., it's 90% percent of the time clean. Our life is much easier :) Only time it might stay a bit dirty is if my cats shoot a lil bit outside of the litter line. The litter tracking is still some issue, it would be great if this product can combine a solution for that as well, I'd be one of the first who would love to try that solution!

NOTE from Mary. The Ramp has scooped steps, designed to help collect litter from paws on descent, to minimise tracking issues.
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