Per A. 16/10/2020
This is the best litter bin in the 45 years of owning cats. The guys at cat evolution are simply fantastic. I had some hiccups with my machine. Up and running with no problem. 5 star customer service always
Claire L. 16/10/2020
I have had my litter robot for one week now and I am in love with this product, with 2 indoor cats I was forever scooping litter but now I am free to spend more time with my babies and they also have clean litter all the time.
Thank you cat evolution and Mary for your wonderful information and constant contact has been one of the best customer service experience in my life, thank you once again.
Colleen J. 14/10/2020
Thank you so much, your care and after service was really appreciated.Prompt delivery which was amazing, thank you.
Diana M. 14/10/2020
The litter robot is amazing and I can't imagine not ever doing without it
Alexandra S. 11/10/2020
We are absolutely loving our robot. So easy to set up, use and also clean. I was unsure how the transition was going to be having 6 cats in the house currently due to rescues and none of them have had an issue and was a very easy transition. Contains the smell, does exactly what it should and has made our daily lives so much easier. We highly recommend it. Thinking about getting it for a while and I’m glad we finally did and wish we did sooner!
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