Jess H. 15/10/2019
Replacement litter robot base arrive today and I have swapped them and the power supply over and reboxed mine. The replacement is working perfectly and my 2 fur balls couldn’t be happier. They have been walking in and out of it just to watch it rotate.

This has been an amazing customer service experience and I have been delighted with how lovely you all have been. Thank you very much.
Ilias Kyrtellis 15/10/2019
Simply AMAZING ! I have literally just received this my cat was super interested from the beginning! I used the old litter that she currently had and put it in the litter robot 2 min after she got in to inspect and a minute after I cycled it and my cat loves it ! As soon the cycle finish she used it straight after ! I cannot he happier that was the fastest transition ever ! 30 min after opening the box !
Kaity T. 03/10/2019
We recently got another sphynx cat (we have three now!) and he weighs 6kg - he is BIG! We find we are emptying the robot daily, which is fine of course but just some feedback as to how often we empty with three cats!

We are still LOVING the robot, will definitely invest in another if we get even more cats ????
Donna E. 30/09/2019
Thanks for your ever ready and helpful advice Mary!
Christine L. 30/09/2019
Just wanna let you know that I got 5 cats at home, and they love the robot absolutely. Thank you for importing this amazing product into Australia.
I just bought another robot a few days ago, so now I have two robots, it’s definitely worthy and a good investment.
I always appreciated your service. Hope more people will know ur company and love your products.
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