Ashleigh Morrow 10/09/2018
Wow, I can’t believe I waited as long as I did to buy the Litter Robot, it’s absolutely worth every cent. My husband was hesitant at first, but he loves it more than I do, haha! No more smells, no more litter all over the floor, less litter used and less time cleaning. It’s a massive win all around in our house, our two Sphynx cats absolutely love it!
Michelle C 10/09/2018
I rang Mary at Cat Evolution in regards to getting another liner for my litter robot (My cat doesn't know how to bury his business properly and scratched his way through the liner over the course of a year - pretty tough durable liner though!) and she was amazing with assisting me in ordering a new one and with the instructions on installing it. Mary put the order in on the same day and it was delivered in 4days afterwards :) AND she Kindly put this under warranty for us. AMAZING! I cannot thank her enough for making this such an easy process.

Th e fitting of the liner was super easy and took me roughly 20 minutes - including cleaning of the robot during the process.

We just love our litter robot. We have three cats using it and they love it! Highly recommend and well worth the money. Amazing product!
Laura 10/09/2018
By far the best money I have spent on my 2 little girls, it’s fantastic. I started by purchasing cheaper auto liter options and they were terrible, wish I purchased this one first but I hesitated due to the high price but now I will never look back. 10 out of 10, highly recommend, worth every cent.
Also Mary is fantastic to deal with, great customer service.
I SPENCE 10/09/2018
Like most, price was a bit of an initial stumbling block, but it’s a fantastic piece of kit. With a multi-multi cat house, cleaning litter trays several times a day was a chore, now once a day! Wish I’d bought one sooner! And with a 90 day money back guarantee you can’t go wrong.
Robyn O 07/09/2018
Love the litter robot no more cleaning the litter tray as soon we come home so much more time to play and cuddle them .The litter robot is amazing lives up to the hype had it for two months now our two girls used it for the first time after checking and stalking for two days they were feral and homeless two months beforehand .
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