Alison L. 10/01/2021
My 3 cats, Cola, Wizza and Riddle, and I are absolutely LOVING our Litter Robot we got a couple of months ago, they took to it first day (and it works perfectly with the Catsan clay litter they are used to from BigW, so nice and cheap). It is the best invention EVER and so well designed!!!
Christian O. 06/01/2021
Parts installed easily enough and my robot is back doing what is supposed to do ????
I was well over changing litter trays again, don't think I ever want to go back to that.

thanks very much
Naomi E. 04/01/2021
Thank you so much for following up, our cats have taken really well to the litter robot. We ordered the ramp shortly after receiving the robot as one of my cats has 3 legs so this makes it easier.

It has certainly made life easier not scooping and its helped reduced odour considerably.
Sally R. 04/01/2021
Thank you for your help. I have tried these suggestions and I am pleased to say the unit is now working well on the automatic mode.

- Q's welcomed!
Michael C. 06/11/2020
All Done! The cats remain happy (basically no change for them as I've kept them using the globe as you suggested) and I'm ecstatic because I'm not in there every few hours rotating the globe!

Thanks so much for helping me get this thing sorted in a relatively short time frame - I truly appreciate it.
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