Bailey Scarlett 05/04/2021
Litter robot is as good as broken. Everytime we come to check on it it's stuck upside down, which has resulted in our cats peeing everywhere in the house whilst we are at work or asleep.
Sent an email but was told to do numerous different things, all of which clearly have not fixed whatever the problem is. DO NOT BUY unless you want it to break after a year.
Leesa R. 02/04/2021
Just an update, we replaced the sensors and bingo it’s working again ? Thanks again for all your help and a fast fix.
Megan D 31/03/2021
Just letting you know we received the part and installed it. It is working perfectly now!

Thanks again for your amazing customer support!
Chloe S. 25/03/2021
Our Persian kitten took to it immediately and loves it. My older furbabies (8 & 5) are taking their time to use it and I haven't spotted them in the little robot yet. They LOVE watching the cycle though and are really curious of it. I thought I would give them a week to settle with the new litter addition before I start trying some of your tips to getting them to adjust to it too. Fingers crossed they take to it sooner rather than later!
Alison L. 18/03/2021
I received my Litter Robot this morning. Thank you for your prompt

My cat Lulu is about 7 months old. She started using it within one hour
of me setting up. We are all very happy. :)
And she loves watching it empty! LOL
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