Grace C. 24/09/2020
I just wanted to say a huge thank you for being so lovely and prompt with everything.

Our little Bengal kitty has been so frustrated with his litter not turning and made sure we knew but ensuring to vocalise it for a good hour but you have put our minds at ease and just an being a fantastic business person and amazing with the instructions put together for us all within a few hours

I highly commend you and Cat Evolution for the amazing work

Thanks again for your pawfect customer service
Katrina 23/09/2020
We received our litter-robot and it is up and running. Our birman Panda cleverly adapted to the new setup straight away. Very happy and thank you it is a great product.
Raelene 18/09/2020
My Tundra just loves it, after she uses it she sits and waits for it to Start emptying then stand on the step watching it go around, when finished she trots away. Honestly the best thing I have ever brought. I love it
Kelly M. 16/09/2020
My sphynx just loves it she jumped straight into it even before I had a chance to put litter in it lol. It is absolutely fabulous.
Melissa J. 15/09/2020
We are fully transitioned now. The old box is gone!!! 
I am loving it. Its always clean. 
He continues to watch each cycle but he is getting less scared each time. 
It has just been so great using a new product and having your responses be so quick. My cat isn't a cat to me, so having the quick response time especially in assisting me with my questions as been amazing. 
5 stars !!! Way impressed! 
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