Kellie F 20/12/2018
We received the package today and install was no problem. Thankfully it appears to have been the solution we needed and everything is back to normal and working well!!! Our cats are happy and no longer peeing on my couch (they get upset when it breaks)!!

Thank you so much for your assistance, as always, the customer service is amazing!
Kara 19/12/2018
Wow this is a god send!! I saw this product a few months ago and was very skeptical if the product worked, and also the price was a huge factor! (Until I looked at the product and I saw zippay!)

The customer service was so amazing and I appreciate all of the questions that they asked and the depth of information they gave me. The shipping was so quick, it was about 5 days, incredible since I wanted it really quickly as I was so excited. I appreciated the robot being fully assembled with a liner in the waste drawer, (thank you!) all I had to do was plug in the power, put litter in it and press go!

I have got two rescue cats, almost 2 years old, Lilo and Flynn. Flynn is very outgoing and adventurous, while Lilo is quite timid and pretty much scared of everything. I put old litter box away and replaced it (in the same spot) and hoped for the best. I kept it off for the first couple of hours and both cats looked at it and used it straight off the bat!! I let it cycle and the cats were not scared at all, they were interested and were very confused on where their waste was going! They went back in it again, I was amazed!

I enjoyed reading all of the manuals, they were very helpful and enjoyed looking at all of the reviews and videos on YouTube from the Litter Robot channel, that is what really sold me on getting this, if you are thinking of buying this product please look at them! The odour before the robot was terrible, as my cats are 100% inside for their health (please don't judge, they are very loved and stimulated with toys whilst being inside) I had to scoop the litter 1-2 times a day and I had to open the house up very early in the morning and close them very late at night for the house to smell pleasant. Now since having it for 3 weeks, I have to change the bag 10-12 days at a time and I do not smell a thing! If you go up close you can smell a slight whiff but that is only if you are cleaning the steps or cleaning around it, those filters are very high quality!

I purchased the Accessory Pack which includes 3 years worth of warranty, the fence (which stops cats who kick, keep the litter inside the robot), the ramp, 100 bags and 3 extra filters, A MUST HAVE!! The ramp is amazing for a gentle entry and exit for the cats and catches some litter. I need to sweep with a small dust pan just to keep it nice which is no problem at all!

I had a problem with the cat sensor as the robots would not sense my cats sometimes (my cats are 3kgs, the litter robot senses 2.5kgs and over), with help, they taught me how to calibrate the sensor, from then on, it works perfectly with no need to send it back!

I LOVE how the robot has a night light for elderly cats or for sick cats who are losing their sight, such an amazing feature! The robot is so quiet as well, after having it for 3 weeks, when my cats hear it cycling automatically they still like to watch it, even though they know what is going to happen. My cats tried to enter the robot when it was cycling, thankfully there is a safety feature which stops the cycle and they wait 15 seconds after the cat has left the robot so at least when I am not home, I know they are safe!

I can go on and on but I won't, bottom line is that if you don't want to scoop anymore, keep a hygienic place for your cats to go each time and hardly any odour, definitely buy one of these beauties! Just know there is zippay if you can't buy it outright.

I hope this review has helped you, it has certainly helped my family! :)
Raymond M 19/12/2018
It is GREAT!

Thank you.
Yiwei 16/12/2018
I tried the mechanical adjustment and had the Robot tested out for a couple of days. I think the cat sensor is working fine now. Thank you so much!

My cat had no problem getting himself adjusted to the Robot. In fact, he jumped into the globe as soon as I filled it in with cat litter. I’ve been enjoying using the Robot so far. Great product!
Ell M, 15/11/2018
Just thought I’d say thanks for everything with purchasing and delivery!! So far so good, cats have no issues and the transition only took two days!

Absolutely 5 stars you’ve been a great help!
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