Natalie 22/02/2021
I've loved my litter robot for the last 3 years, been going strong and has been a dream. My cats took no time to get used to it and being able to continue using Aldi clumping litter has been a real bonus. Will definitely buy another one when/if this one no longer works.
Tom G. 12/02/2021
Cannot Thankyou enough for the quick response and express delivery of the new parts.

Put them in tonight and working as normal again.

Absolute life saver and highly recommend cat evolution service and support.
Susan H. 10/02/2021
I absolutely love love love my litter robot!
Fiona M. 07/02/2021
We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our amazing Litter Robot. I had been looking at buying one of these for 2 years and finally took the plunge. I have to say this machine has been utterly life changing. No longer do I have to nag my daughter to change the kitty litter, no longer do we have any smell at all from the kitty litter. My 2 cats took to it straight away, and best part is the cheap Aldi clumping clay works a treat. Don’t hesitate, just buy one you will not regret it. Over time you’ll save money on litter and take years of stress off your life of cleaning smelly kitty litter. Mary is great to deal with as well, so helpful. Best purchase ever!!
Samantha M. 20/01/2021
Ginger wasn't sure at first but within a couple of hours he had done a wee. I had to move the litter box away and put the litter robot in a new place next to a powerpoint. Within 24 hours he had done a poo and I gave him lots of treats. As he is 3.5months old he transitioned to it very well.

I used the same litter which really helped. When I put new clean litter with the old litter that's when he did his first wee. I'm sooo proud of him.
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