Julie & Rasmus 30/04/2019
Once again, thank- you for your detailed help yesterday. After dealing with your company on several occasions over the years, I'm now firmly convinced you must have the very best after-sales service of any pet supply company in Australia! Nothing is ever too much trouble and you always remain in regular contact with the costumer until the issue is resolved; and when there is no assistance needed and simply a sales transaction, you are always a pleasure to deal with.
andrew 22/04/2019
Could not be happier. Had it over a year now, and cat loves it. Its improved my asthma with lack of dust. Cat was hooked within 2 hours.
Lady I deal with has been incredible with some delivery issues.
Couldn't be happier.
Chris 08/04/2019
I waited a few months before buying this, weighing up the cost vs current expense and also the mess etc.
I honestly am so pleased I got this, it’s so much easier and far less messy. There is a distinct difference to the smell in the house, I really can’t smell anything when I come through the door.
The cats took to it straightaway, we put a couple of sprinkles of the old litter in there so they knew the smell.
It’s not a noisy operation so the cats are not scared by the process of cleaning, in fact they seem mesmerised by it.

Great purchase and the service from Mary has been exceptional!
Kym C. 08/04/2019
Hi Mary.....well all good so far!!! I haven’t actually had to adjust anything yet. I think it may have been the litter was too heavy. Thank you so much again. I wasn’t aware of being able to buy parts I actually thought we’d have to buy a complete new Robot. You do your job well great customer support ????
Terry 06/04/2019
Well after a couple of weeks of maybe I will and maybe I won’t, my 3 cats have now become accustomed to their new poo loo!!

I have 2 seniors and a junior, ironically my senior girl who I thought would be the least interested was the first to adapt and the youngest the last!!

I have already saved on kitty litter and my laundry no longer has that distinctive odour!! You need some patience with them. I did actually take away the manual box for a few days to create a bit of requirement for them to find a clean area to use.

Expensive investment to start with, but when you live alone and travel a fair bit with work. This is the ultimate litter box!! I love it!
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