Sherrealle H. 06/05/2021
AMAZING! The parts arrived and I just removed and installed the new boards and yewh beauty shes up and running again!

The instructions were easy to follow and simple to understand :)

Thankyou so much for your knowledge in troubleshooting and being available to help with support issues via telephone! I really appreciate it and its outstanding that there are businesses that still do care about the customer. Many thanks again.
Ana V. 03/05/2021
I have had my litter robot for almost 3 years now and it was the best decision I ever made since i bought it. My cat loved it and she used it within a week that I got it. Also, I was able to save more on the clumping litter and I only need to change the bag once or twice a week. No more scooping and never will I go back to scooping again. So far, the only problem I had when it was not cycling properly but Mary from Catevolution was also quick to respond and helped fix the problem. Her service was second to none.
Ashleigh B. 17/04/2021
I did my replacement pinches and liner today. My goodness, the litter tray looks new again after a deep clean and fresh liner. Instructions were perfect. The pinch sensors were very rusted, they actually snapped when I pulled them out. So nice and fresh again!
Ross L. 11/04/2021
Yesterday, I fitted the replacement DFI and went well. Found a video on YouTube which showed me how to do it. Took the opportunity to give the pinch detector a good clean as well. Some corrosion on them but the contact points were OK.

The good news is the Litter Robot is now working as good as new.

Thanks for your assistance.
Cheryl C. 05/04/2021
Hi, just wanted to let you know, my hubby did a great job fitting all the parts and the machine is working great at this point.
Thank you for all your help.
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