Gerri W. 23/07/2020
My cats love it. A huge success.
Kathleen J. 22/07/2020
I replaced the pinch detectors this morning and so far so good! Its working. It was easy. I followed the steps in the video you sent me. The hardest thing was pulling the old ones out because they were so rusted, they were a bit stuck, but even that wasn’t an issue really. Very easy to put back in. Thank you so much for your help.

I love this machine!
Anastasia B. 22/07/2020
Success - all fixed!

If only I had gotten back to you earlier!!

Thanks for the help
Patricia K. 18/07/2020
They transitioned very easily, I've never had much trouble with my cats and changing kitty litters or trays, they adapt quickly.
Ben M. 14/07/2020
Just wanted to update you on our litter robot. Since installing the new parts the robot has worked flawlessly. Thank you for your amazing support and perfect customer service. We are very satisfied customers.
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