Daniel A. 04/11/2019

So I finally got around to installing it all today!

It took about 2 hours all told, but only because as I pulled it all apart, I was giving everything a thorough clean at the same time. It wasn't really badly dirty, but a lot dust from the clumping litter was spread around the internals of the unit. So it took some time to do it right.

No real hiccups to report. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the sensor had been reduced to one unit, vs the original two. Once I screwed it all back together and plugged in the new PSU, it started working immediately, and has worked ever since. So it was definitely the DFI sensor that was faulty.

Anyway, I downloaded the app on my phone, registered it on WiFi and it all works perfectly. Thank goodness, because emptying the litter tray 2 or 3 times a day (for three cats no less!) was really getting tedious... Thanks again!
Lisa M. 03/11/2019
It worked, the YouTube video was great I just followed that! The Robot is awesome, couldn’t live without it!
It’s actually really easy to clean and fix! I wait for the cats to go for their midday naps and get in to it!
Cheers and thanx again for all your ongoing help
Anthony S. 03/11/2019

I finally had the opportunity to install the new Litter Robot WiFi Connect Module. I followed the installation manual and found the install to be quite straightforward. Once installed and everything put back together, I powered the unit on and it did a cycle as per normal. I then followed the WiFi connection instructions as per the app and everything connected very easily. Now I can finally work out how many cycles happen before I need to top up the kitty litter and I can keep a better eye on when the drawer needs to be emptied.

The whole process could not have been easier considering the whole unit basically had to be taken apart. Hopefully everyone else has had or will have the same experience as what I did.
Ash S. 02/11/2019

All went well - and we are now connected, woohoo! Who would have thought the scoop free life could be even better!!

Feedback: Found the overall install easy for both new parts. Was a great opportunity to deep cleanse the tray and dust out the inners. Instructions were easy to follow too.

Connecting to the App: This was the hardest. The video showed switching between wifi networks, which I didn’t have to do. However, the connection kept getting stuck in the app when I was connected to my 5g internet, but as soon as I changed to the 2.4g connection - the problem went away. So not sure if that is an incompatibility issue or what.

Now I’m connected and happy :)
Sarah B. 02/11/2019
Thanks so much for sending us the part to fix our robot so fast.
We had 4 supervisors making sure we fixed it correctly lol, and it’s now fixed and working perfectly!
It was really easy to fix, especially under the appropriate supervision haha!
Thanks again
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