Emma S. 21/09/2019
The cats have stopped using all their other trays & solely use the litter robot. Love it!
Craig A. 20/09/2019
Our 3 Burmese cats have transitioned within 2 days
I just put a small bit of their old soiled litter inside the LR on top of the new clumping litter. Showed each cat the LR. they took to it pretty much straightaway. After one day of them using it I turned it on and took away the old litter box.
All good now for just over a wk.
Its really good, no smell, no fuss and easy to empty and top up.
Ingrid N. 20/09/2019
Just checking in to say a huge thank you for your help. All 3 cats took to the strange spaceship straight away AND it fits in their enclosure perfectly. Have absolutely zero regrets about the spend - it has truly taken away the only down side to cat ownership! Also, my children are very impressed with the cubby house it came in, I've turned it in to a sensory den for my Autistic 3 year old.
Ellie L. 18/09/2019
Mary has been amazing. My Litter Robot has had a sensor issue and she couldn’t of been more helpful regarding troubleshooting and getting a replacement base under warranty. Very happy with the product and the service.
Jerome T. 11/09/2019
After using it for 3 months, I can safely say I love the product.
I cannot wait until I can add the wifi add-on.
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