Mark 15/11/2016
As a dog lover I was never thrilled at the thought of owning a cat. So when my partner informed me that she and our daughters had brought two home, I flat out refused to clean the litter trays. 'They aren't my bloody cats' I would say...but after a while, and after I realised that our daughters wouldn't even contemplate emptying the trays either I noticed my partner getting mad. So I did the logical thing and helped her out......

By buying the most amazing machine I have ever seen! Now, the house smells better AND my partner is happier! No more scooping the poop for her, and no more hearing about it for me! Our household is a much more enjoyable place to live now.

Your service has been great and set up was a breeze. The cats took maybe a day or so to get used to the noise and rotation, but after that all smooth sailing. Thanks for everything. :-)
Julie Magnolia Cass 30/10/2016
I have tried several litter trays, both manual and automatic, and the Litter Robot 3 is definitely the outright winner! I did a lot of 'Googling' to find a litter tray that was both automatic and also large enough to comfortably accommodate our 6 kg Russian Blue! The LR3 was the only one! I was very disappointed to discover that LR3 was only available in tbe US. I contacted the US supplier and was delighted to discover that there would be an Australian distributor, with free shipping, from October this year. I am now one of the first Australian owners of this wonderful product! It's perfect for owners like us, with back and knee problems, who just can't bend and scoop! The initial cost is quickly compensated by regular savings on litter and the follow-up advice from Cat Evolution is excellent.
Celine 28/10/2016
Highly recommend!!!

I have 3 fussy cats, 6 litter trays... I have to clean the trays everyday, otherwise my house will smell really bad... Really worth to buy it! The litter robot seriously saved my time, space and life!!!LOL! I'm very very happy with it, my cats start use it as soon as we put new litters in. Now, I don't need to worry about we will have the bad smell in the house, and it save a lot of space as well, 1 robot replaced 6 litter trays! I have more space for my shoes now :p

Mary helps me a lot while I'm waiting for the website launch, so I could order the robot asap. Moreover, the package comes faster than I expect, that's a really big surprise! Because I know it come from America. Also, the instruction is very clear, very easy to use.

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