Sue L. 28/05/2019
My cats love it! The kitten got straight in and used it. The adolescent cat was a bit cautious but only for a day.
Vean H 26/05/2019
Litter robot has saved us so much time, it's hygienic and our house smells so much better. It took a few weeks for our 2 cats to transition to the litter robot, they were previously on pellets. They love the texture of the clumping clay and walking in fresh litter each time they need to go toilet. What we found helpful was prior to using the robot we took it out of the box but did not remove the bag. Our cats can be somewhat easily scared, so it helped that they were able to explore the robot this way before the big reveal. We and our cats are happy, it's a big investment but we will never look back as it's worth every cent.
Jodie-Marie & Chaos 14/05/2019
So far amazing!
Chaos was using it in less than 4 days. Day 1 he was so terrified I thought I could have made a bad decision but by the 3rd evening he was exploring it and day 4 I added litter and he used it immediately.

So far my only dislike is plastic waste bags but I’m hoping to get biodegradable bags instead
Jennifer C. 14/05/2019
I am loving my new litter robot and our cats have taken to it very well.

It is brilliant and I have told quite a few friends with cat about how great it is.
Brooke W. 14/05/2019
Only had mine for just under a week now and I’m in love! I never have to scoop their litter again. My 4yo male took 2 days to get use to it but he’s great now. And my 12week old male loves to watch it cycle & always jumps in straight after a cycle too, to do his business ???? And your customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced, Thankyou Mary!
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