Quennie C 03/11/2018
I am very pleased to say that our 2 cats have used the litter robot right on the same day it arrived. They have no problems with the transition. I am very happy with all the entire package. Since it arrived we had only emptied it twice, so far so good. The plastic bin bags are fantastic, am happy we have enough supply for that for the next couple of months or year
Cath M 23/10/2018
Hey just wanted to touch base and thank you for all your assistance. It took a while but both my girls are successfully using the robot. Funny the one who likes her litter clean and is pedantic about it still isn’t 100% sure of it. I think because all the poops are gone every time she goes she’s confused. Cause my other girl isn’t very cat like she doesn’t bury so I think she’s used to that.
But all converted. No accidents at all. Pretty impressive for 11 and 10 Year old cats.
And what a joy it is not have to scoop around. And your right you use so much less litter. I haven’t even been through a full bag of your litter where I used to go through a bag and a half a week of the old stuff.
Just how often should I take off the globe and clean it. Haven’t done that yet! Again thanks so much for your patient responses to my frenzied requests lol
Michelle C. 17/10/2018
Just wanted to update you about our litter robot which is fantastic & has been such a huge hit with Greg that he has agreed finally for us to get a new baby. Our new baby, British Shorthair, will be arriving around 2nd week of November so not too long now.

Having the litter robot will be even better value with 3 cats
David F 14/10/2018
Tolstoy the Russian Blue loves watching his 'packages' shooting away down the chute.
Tania C 14/10/2018
With 3 indoor cats the litter robot is a must, our house no longer smells like a litter box & all 3 cats love the litter robot, even our friend's cat prefers it to her own litter box when we catsit her once in awhile
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