Buffy 12/11/2019
I have two of these, I absolutely love them. Had a small issue with one and sent an email off to Cat Evolution and a quick troubleshooting email later it’s all fixed and happy. Couldn’t recommend this robot or this company highly enough. Thanks so much!!
Matt J. 10/11/2019
Works now and the app is up and running. I appreciate your responsiveness and everything to get this repaired. I'm planning to get a robot as a Xmas present for my folks and their 2 cats.
Albert B. 07/11/2019
This is really helpful machine for a ragdoll cat breeder who has 8 cats currently (once had 20 cats altogether). So much bending, wiping and vacuum involved everyday without it, but so much less work after having this machine. The cats seem to enjoy and having fun too.
Albert B. 06/11/2019
The robot litter is back in action !
I've done few things, i.e. get a large wood board on top of the tiles, removed the internal shield, did vacuum and wiped out after removing the globe and re-positioned the globe. It works perfectly! Thank you for all your help!
Ash F. 05/11/2019
i really gratefully for that u helped me so fast and i am so happy with the everything u have done n happy 100% with it all xxx
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