Dean Richards 16/07/2019
I purchased the Litter Robot III and the Premium Clumping Cat Litter as a gift for my wife (and cat). The product itself is absolutely fantastic. Yes, the cost is on the high side, but the more I see it work, the more I find it was well worth it. I have to say that there was a problem when the product was delivered. I have to say that the customer service was better than i have experienced with any other company. I am very impressed with the product and especially with Cat Evolution. We will certainly be using Cat Evolution from now with purchasing consumables and any new product we would like. Highly recommended, Thanks Mary & Shadow.
Kara M. 12/07/2019
This robot is incredible! I have two rescue cats that are almost 3 years old, Flynn is very adventurous and Lilo is timid and scared of pretty much everything! ????

The delivery was so quick and easy, the set up was simple and it was good to have the manuals and information on hand with everything you need to know. It is handy that the Litter Robot arrives all set up is a life saver as I have trouble assembling things correctly so thank you for that! ????

I took the previous litter box out and replaced it with the Robot and they had no problem exploring it and sitting in it (not doing anything at first). I put a scoop of old litter in there and catnip. It is recommended to keep the unit off for a few days but I couldn't wait to see it in action with a cycle, the cats did not run away but was interested and kept looking inside which was a bonus!

I purchased the ramp, fence, 3 carbon filters, 100 litter liners and the 3 year warranty accessory pack which is so awesome! It has not been 24 hours of having it and they are using it, they are happy and have a clean bed of litter each time. If you can add the accessory pack into your order DO IT! athe ramp is a gentle easy entry and catches the litter very well. I need to sweep each day just around it with a half brush but that is not a problem!

The night light works and it is comforting to know they can see properly. The price is hefty but it is so worth it! I don't have to scoop anymore and can spend time loving my rescues! The customer service from Mary and lovely Shadow is impeccable and I am so happy with my purchase (thank goodness for after pay!) Please get a Litter Robot if you can afford it, I've had this for almost a year and I am so excited for them to use it forever! ????????????
Sharnee J. 07/07/2019
I always recommend your company and the litter robot to my friends. Great customer service, and fantastic little device.
Lorraine S. 27/06/2019
I am very happy with the unit and would recommend it to anyone with multiple cats
Amy K. 26/06/2019
A couple years ago we got two lovely cats for our kids for Christmas. They quickly became members of our family and were loved by all. We found out we were having a third child a couple years later and after we had our baby life was so overwhelming taking care of three kids and 2 cats. The most overwhelming thing with taking care of two cats and constantly having to change the litter box. We decided to find the cats a new home and my mom said don’t get rid of the cats my friends keep talking about this litter robot. It changed their lives. She said she wanted to purchase it for me. We gave it a go and oh man it did just that. It has changed our lives as cat owners! We are such happy cat owners and I really think it’s because of our cat robot! Thanks for such a great product.

Also this product is perfect for us. We live in the city, going outside isn’t an option for our cats. The vet suggested we get 3 litter boxes who has space for that? Yuck! The robot is big but not as big as 3 litter boxes. It’s worth it
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