Sherrealle 03/05/2017
Bought this amazing litter box 6 months ago, it honestly has been the best invention ever! I absolutely love it! My cat loves it and my laundry doesn't smell anymore! Yay! Very much money well spent and have recommended it to friends who have cats and to a facebook page post asking for kitty litter hacks :) wonderful communication to the seller and even rang first and had a chat about them. If your thinking of getting one and reading all the reviews, stop thinking and get it!!!! You'll thank us all later
Leah 01/05/2017
We made the race decision to invest in one of these and it arrived a few days after we ordered it (which is never the case when you live in Darwin). Our 2 largest boys took to it straight away and we very intrigued with the fact that it moved. The smallest and youngest boy took a little longer to feel comfortable with it, but now there's no looking back for us... With our old litter in the robot we noticed that there was a fair bit of residue left in the barrel, but the premium litter works so well, that there is basically nothing left after a clean cycle. There is also no odour and it has made having 3 cats so much less of a chore... I would highly recommend both of these products.
Cathryn 19/04/2017
Bud took to it right away even though we transitioned to new type of litter. He's a gem!!! I love it. Just replaced the bag today, one week, and top up the litter a little. No smell too. Love it. I am hoping to get another cat now that I have this amazing machine. :)
Wendy 19/04/2017
I am just loving this Robot and so our my furbabies. I just can't believe how its changed my life in terms of the demands on my time etc. I have it on the balcony, a cat flap installed in my doors to the balcony and now food dispensers so I can go over night without getting anyone to help!!!
Maxine 05/04/2017
We are the proud owners of three cats and one, very impressive litter robot!! We received ours from interstate late last year, unpacked it and had no issues from the get go with our three cats using the robot. At that stage we were living in a studio apartment with the robot meters away from where we were sleeping in the middle of summer! No issues and NO SMELL! We then moved back across the country and sent our robot via courier. The 5 day wait for the robot to arrive was a very long 5 days after getting use to the 'scoop free lifestyle.' Finally it arrived and the cats jumped straight in- I think even they had missed it. It has now been around 4-5 months since we have had the robot in our lives and I cannot imagine life without it! The money seems quite a lot at first glance but it is WORTH EVERY PENNY! Even my husband who was sceptical at first said he would happily pay double because of how easy it has made our lives.

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