D.M. 13/12/2016
Everything as described!Very happy customers!Thank you for distributing this in Australia.Great customer service.Thank you Mary and happy holidays from our cat family
Rachel 13/12/2016
The Sphynx kids and us are enamoured with our new A.I friend. It has taken a couple of days but all three cats are using it now. The litter robot has changed our lives! We used to be a three litter-box household, with a twice a day emptying scheduled - and it was driving us a little nuts. Throughly digging the 'no more scooping' lifestyle.
Tania Zanders 12/12/2016
Absolutely stoked with the litter robot, no more smelly mess or scooping poop. My cat (Rex) jumped in as soon as he needed to, so didn’t need to coax him in at all. Started the automatic cycle on day two and he was fine, even curious to watch it all happening. The only issue with the first few uses was he was peeing on his back paws and having to groom them when he got out. He’s a big cat (6kg+), not fat-but he’s half Bengal, so he had to work out how to crouch down to get the job done in a smaller space. Now he climbs in and turns around and goes with his head poking out the opening which seems to work fine for him.
Joe Zerafa 12/12/2016
Hi, they ignored it for the first day, but I elevated their old kitty litter tray so it was adjacent to the litter robot opening and it worked a treat :)

So far it seems to be a hit with the cats and us :)
Tanya Fuller 10/12/2016
All good . My 3 cats love it .
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