Kym Watkins 20/12/2019
Love our Litter Robot. We have had it for nearly 3 years and it's been a life saver. Our cat is very fussy with her litter and loves her Litter Robot. Its clean, convenient and great to go away for a few days and know that the litter will be sorted. Best use the litter from the same website here, as it is odourless. The owner of this company is so lovely and helpful. I have only needed to replace one part in 3 years and she helped me do this with ease. Thank you for selling this wonderful product! I HIGHLY recommend!!
Peter F. 09/12/2019
Hi I’m absolutely loving it.

We simply put our existing kitty trays litter into the robot. Then out the old empty tray next to it.

I put our kitten into the robot a few times. So she knew what was in there and felt comfortable to enter.

We haven’t had one mistake. She started using it right from the get go. Worth every cent.
Flavia V 06/12/2019
I have the Open Air III for more than a year now and couldn’t be happier. Every single time I contacted the customer service they exceeded my expectations. Highly recommended!
Emily S. 05/12/2019
For anyone looking at buying the litter robot, your probably thinking its a little bit pricey and is it really worth it?
The answer is YES the amount of litter you go through will pay you back in a year or 2.
There is NO smell very minimal to clean once a week or so, Compared to your normal tray that gets crap flicked everywhere and having to clean it is sickening at times. The litter robot is just amazing! And my cat loves it which is a bonus!!
Marlene 30/11/2019
I have had the litter robot (Open Air) for a year now couldn't be happier... well worth every penny! I recently had technical problems with my base upon contacting Cat Evolution, my issue was dealt with very efficiently; a replacement was sent within hours and all is back to normal. I'm a very happy customer! Thanks Mary from Cat Evolution... you're the best!
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