Lorita 23/01/2019
I asked my brother to buy and haul this item all the way from Perth to Kuala Lumpur during the holidays. At the airport, lots of people were gawking and wondering what it was and even the officials were asking questions. All’s good though. The litter robot arrived safely and Coco took to using it almost immediately. I am using large size trash bag to line the draw. Thank you for the speedy delivery in time for my brother’s flight over.
Andy S. 23/01/2019
Our cat is loving the Litter Robot!
Meg H. 22/01/2019
Amazing!!! What a wonderful thing not to have to deal with emptying litter trays especially with 3 cats, I empty the tray every second day as it is used a lot .One of my cats is blind and doesn't like change but it did not take her long to adapt to the automatic robot. I was concerned about spending so much $$$ but I have already noticed a difference in litter usage and to not have to pick up another litter tray. Definitely a great investment and would recommend it to anyone wanting to look for a better alternative.
Cath M 09/01/2019
It’s so good I love it. Well worth the money! Thanks for being on hand to ask questions I really appreciate it.
Jessica C. 06/01/2019
Woohoo! Litter Robot is up and running again! I did a deep clean which I realised was slightly overdue and managed to file off the rust with a nail file like you suggested. Just assembled it back together now the globe and tray are dry and presto... we have a solid blue light! Thanks once again Mary for your help and support, much appreciated! There is nothing better than having the Robot up and running again! Where would we be wouldn't them, haha
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