Aaron 19/08/2019
The Litter-Robot is an absolute must if you have cats. Instead of scooping your cats litter all the time, you just set and forget and it keeps the litter clean for your cats without you having to do anything. Once the waste draw is full (about once a week for my cats), it flashes a light and you empty it. It's very easy to use and despite the ridiculous cost, I highly recommend it. From a customer support point of view, Mary has been fantastic. I had a few mechanical issues with my litter-robot, but Mary promptly replaced the unit for me free of charge and I've had no issues since.
Kaity T. 14/08/2019
My cats were in using it exclusively within the first 2 hours of having it unpacked! It is fantastic, only one minor issue with runny poo where the robot spun it through the whole dome but easily cleaned with the hose and put back together ready to go!

We are emptying it every second-day minimum, due to three cats that eat a lot!

Thank you for all your help, it is definitely worth every cent!
charmaine 07/08/2019
I want to say thank you, I originally got another "self-cleaning tray" was a nightmare and to return it was a nightmare, so I thought I would go and get the one I originally wanted and omg all I can say is wow wow and wow!! I have 3 cats and so much easier for me, and the staff are fantastic and patient, as I had few hassles through my own fault and then the cats were pressing buttons and hopping inside for a ride lol anyway getting sidetracked. I want to say well worth the money!! love the tray love the staff keep up the great work and great products!
Carol V. 30/07/2019
Just a quick note of thanks for your assistance last week and to let you know we are absolutely delighted with our new robot! I love how it came ready to use - no assembly required. I followed the instructions and left the old litter unattended for a few days to the point it was ridiculous and ended up removing it completely. I believe all four cats are using it - though I haven’t actually seen our oldest girl in there / she must be. Thank you for proving such a great product!
Michelle M. 24/07/2019
Our little kitten took a couple of days, but once she smelt her scent in there she was all good.

I love the robot, so easy to use. Haven't had the auto process as yet because she's too light, but it's still great.
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