Lynsey 21/01/2017
It's definitely a good change in lifestyle - and many hours of amusement watching our 1 year old kitten stalk it when he hears it start :)
Emily 16/01/2017
I have just purchased a litter robot for my two cats (a ragdoll and chinchilla persian). After 3 days both are using the litter robot and I have just started leaving it switched on. They were both a bit perturbed by the clean cycle but are getting used to it. I'd have to say that although expensive the litter robot is life changing! It does exactly what it says it does and is working as expected. I have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly my boys caught on to the new box (although they had a covered one previously). Highly recommend making the investment.
Belle and Bronte 14/01/2017
We are two Birman kitties and we absolutely LOVE our new space ship (Litter Robot) - it took about a day for us to get used to it but after we got in it and did our business once there was no going back. Not only does it smell fresh for our kitty noses, our humans seem to think it's amazing as well. Once we've finished doing our thing, we jump out and then we watch and wait so we can wait for the robot to work its magic. It has provided us with quite a lot of entertainment as we watch it spin around and make our poops disappear.
The humans were a bit concerned about spending the money on this litter box but now we hear them using words like good investment and no more poop scooping and fresh air, so we are all very happy about it.
Caroline 31/12/2016
we have been looking at the litter robot for about a year now. When we got notification that it was available here in Australia, that was the clincher - just in time for Christmas! Despite the cats being Christmas pressies for our two sons, (and our two Tonks are strictly inside cats), I ended up being the only one changing litter and scooping poop everyday and I was really over it. I am over the moon - they took about 2-3 days to start using it, and I don't know myself. The litter efficiency is incredible, we have only had to top up once in 10 days and empty the tray once a week. There is no odour, and it has saved me about 15 mins a day, not to mention how distasteful I found maintaining their previous litter tray! Expensive, yes, but to me, sooooo worth the stress alleviation and time saving. And the rest of family have breathed a sigh of relief as I was always grumbling about it and threatening to get them to take over!
Larissa 17/12/2016
We purchased the litter robot after purchasing two other automatic scoop trays which both broke after six months! Trust me do not waste your money on anything else the robot is miles ahead of anything else in the market! It's quiet not messy and most of all doesn't smell. My cat had no hesitation using it even thought she has never had an enclosed tray before she is actually fascinated by it. Yes it is more expensive but it is money well spent! The robot was delivered in record time and certainly caused a stir in the office. I wouldn't recommend any other product. Thank you so much cat evolution!
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