Alex 03/05/2017

Quick update: Total success, litter robot has been in automatic mode the whole day and the kitties have been using it without fuss!!! I can't believe they got used to it immediately!!

I can't wait to get the second one!!!! We love it!!!!!

Many thanks, this product has changed our lives!!!
Alex 03/05/2017
The little robot arrived on Friday night and we installed yesterday, as per suggested we got it in manual and it is working wonderful. My cats are using it, they only get a bit suspicious when we cycle it but that is not putting them off. We are switching it to automatic tomorrow, taking advantage it is bank holiday and we can stay at home to supervise that they are comfortable with it.

Since my babies adapted so well and so quick, we have just placed an order for our second little robot for upstairs.

We love the little robot, I wish I had known much earlier they were in the market!!!

Sherrealle 03/05/2017
Bought this amazing litter box 6 months ago, it honestly has been the best invention ever! I absolutely love it! My cat loves it and my laundry doesn't smell anymore! Yay! Very much money well spent and have recommended it to friends who have cats and to a facebook page post asking for kitty litter hacks :) wonderful communication to the seller and even rang first and had a chat about them. If your thinking of getting one and reading all the reviews, stop thinking and get it!!!! You'll thank us all later
Leah 01/05/2017
We made the race decision to invest in one of these and it arrived a few days after we ordered it (which is never the case when you live in Darwin). Our 2 largest boys took to it straight away and we very intrigued with the fact that it moved. The smallest and youngest boy took a little longer to feel comfortable with it, but now there's no looking back for us... With our old litter in the robot we noticed that there was a fair bit of residue left in the barrel, but the premium litter works so well, that there is basically nothing left after a clean cycle. There is also no odour and it has made having 3 cats so much less of a chore... I would highly recommend both of these products.
Cathryn 19/04/2017
Bud took to it right away even though we transitioned to new type of litter. He's a gem!!! I love it. Just replaced the bag today, one week, and top up the litter a little. No smell too. Love it. I am hoping to get another cat now that I have this amazing machine. :)
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