Jo Varela 12/05/2017
Sphynxs and the automatic lifestyle ;o)
She used it within 5 minutes of getting litter in there, has had no problems at all. Maybe the best thing ever!!
Thanks so much, we are loving it, 5 stars for sure, best decision I made all year really!
Audrey 10/05/2017
We can now have a beautiful cat family AND a holiday thanks to Litter Robot and to Cat Evolution for distributing in Australia.

We are REALLY delighted with how effective this is with multiple cats. No problems with the cats adapting to it, and some of them can be fussy. Most of them were hopping happily in and out and fascinated with the rotations within hours, and all adapted within a few days. We still have a spare litter tray available for them but they seem to have forgotten how to use it!

We can now stop worrying about our planned holiday :) A cat boarding facility would have been very expensive with multiple cats and also very stressful for the cats and us. We were particularly worried about how the little thin but adorable Scaredy Cat would cope. The Litter Robot means our beloved cat family can stay together playing as usual in their own home supported by a pet visiting service and a neighbour while we go on holiday.

Expecting someone to come into the house to feed multiple cats is one thing, but the idea of someone else cleaning and maintaining multiple litter trays adequately was really worrying us and had prevented us from taking holidays together. The Litter Robot is so easy to use and maintain we now have no worries that anyone could manage this easily with a few minutes of instruction. Maintaining the litter tray is as simple and quick as changing a litter bin bag.

Not only peace of mind for us but also a huge saving in the long run on both litter and cat boarding fees. This is a truly labour saving and high quality product that does a great job.

I would definitely recommend this product and your company to other cat lovers worried about leaving multiple cats unsupervised for a short while. Thanks for working so hard to provide great products and personal services that allow us to spend time enjoying our cats.
Richard Harvey 08/05/2017
Hi Mary,

I am just replying on behalf of my mum (Pat) who has bought the litter robot for her two 1 year old cats.

Mum is 90 years old this year and was struggling with cleaning and changing the cats' litter every day, but get enormous joy and company from having the cats. The litter robot seemed on the expensive side, but now we see it is worth every cent.

We have had the litter robot now for about a week and it has been a revolution (literally!). Both cats took to it immediately - indeed the male cat (Billy) is fascinated and has already learned that if he goes inside and then sits outside and waits it will rotate for him! - its replaced the washing machine as a form of entertainment - he will spend hours watching the washing go round!.

Mum is delighted with it, no more smells, scooping poop, or sweeping up scratched litter. I just change the bag once it is full.

Alex 03/05/2017

Quick update: Total success, litter robot has been in automatic mode the whole day and the kitties have been using it without fuss!!! I can't believe they got used to it immediately!!

I can't wait to get the second one!!!! We love it!!!!!

Many thanks, this product has changed our lives!!!
Alex 03/05/2017
The little robot arrived on Friday night and we installed yesterday, as per suggested we got it in manual and it is working wonderful. My cats are using it, they only get a bit suspicious when we cycle it but that is not putting them off. We are switching it to automatic tomorrow, taking advantage it is bank holiday and we can stay at home to supervise that they are comfortable with it.

Since my babies adapted so well and so quick, we have just placed an order for our second little robot for upstairs.

We love the little robot, I wish I had known much earlier they were in the market!!!

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