Justin 24/02/2017
Absolute fantastic product, no more bending 3 times a day to pick up litter, no more smelly rooms, no more frequent dirty work. Both rag doll cats love it, adopt it in a very short time. My only suggestion is to use premium litter with the robot for best result. Lastly, excellent customer support.
Trish 22/02/2017
I ordered the LR3 in January this year after much contemplation and received it in record time (thanks Mary!). The price was a factor, however, seeing there was an Australian distributor, and I have two kittens who are growing and pooping constantly, I thought it was worth trying. Best decision! The kitties took to it straight away and have had no problems using it. The blue light flashes to let me know when it needs emptying which I do twice a week for my ones. I would highly recommend the LR3.
Kym 06/02/2017
What a winner!!!! Nick named by friends the R2-D-Poo is awesome. We have two ragdolls that are indoor cats and the litter tray is in the laundry which is the back door entry. After a day at work or been out and when you open the door the smell was pretty nasty especially in warm weather. Not anymore!!!! Our cats took no time in using it both jumped in on the first day at home. Well worth spending the $$$ to get a great efficient product.
Lynsey 21/01/2017
It's definitely a good change in lifestyle - and many hours of amusement watching our 1 year old kitten stalk it when he hears it start :)
Emily 16/01/2017
I have just purchased a litter robot for my two cats (a ragdoll and chinchilla persian). After 3 days both are using the litter robot and I have just started leaving it switched on. They were both a bit perturbed by the clean cycle but are getting used to it. I'd have to say that although expensive the litter robot is life changing! It does exactly what it says it does and is working as expected. I have been pleasantly surprised by how quickly my boys caught on to the new box (although they had a covered one previously). Highly recommend making the investment.
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