Judy D. 13/02/2019
Both of my babies started using the litter robot (who we've named Kenny) within 2 days and I was able to remove the regular tray on day three! I am absolutely in love with it! I changed the bag over on Sunday, which was also super easy.

Living in an apartment, containing smells is very important and Kenny is fabulous at it. There is absolutely no trace of litter tray smell even standing right next to it.

Best purchase ever!!
Sara C. 05/02/2019
I had free time yesterday and took my machine apart and gave everything an extra thorough clean and installed the new DFI and its working perfectly! Good as new! The instructions were great as well. Kitties are super pleased as well!

Thank you so much again for all your help ☺️
Julie 01/02/2019
Having had three litter trays for our two Ragdolls they took up a lot of room and required daily cleaning, it was annoying that they still would smell. Not only that our younger cat is very fussy with cleanliness and several times a week or should I say most days she would leave a deposit outside of her tray for you to also clean up. Working 40+ hours a week, exhausted and coming home to clean up I was delighted to find the Litter Robot on the internet. Procrastinating for nearly a year at the costs & fear if they were not to use it I took the plunge and purchased this life changing unit just over two weeks ago. I followed Mary’s excellent advice and by day eight I am happy to report that both are now using the unit.I am so pleased and proud they have adapted so well to it. It’s now lovely to come home to relax with no smells, no daily clean ups,, room to move in our laundry and most importantly two happy cats.
Emily M. 01/02/2019

Wanted to let you know that my partner did the repair which he said was pretty straightforward with the instructions. Box has been working perfectly since then.

Thank you for your help!
Sandra B. 01/02/2019
I bought the Litter Robot in 2017, as I was downgrading from a three-bedroom house in the country, to a 50sqm flat in the middle of the city. At that time we had three cats! And the oldest - Bunbury our big old man British Blue - suffered from advanced kidney disease (so lots of weeing. Lots.) A lot of research was done before committing to the Litter Robot, and while I had read through the FAQs and so was aware of potential concerns with large urine deposits, ultimately I decided it was the best option for our new life. And it was the perfect choice! The cats became accustomed to it within a week or so (transitioning from standard trays); the Robot could more than cope with Bunbury's toilet and the three cats - who would normally demand a tray each - all shared without a problem. This past Christmas, nearly two years later, our unit malfunctioned. The service from Mary at Cat Evolution has been wonderful. The problem was easily identified, and I was very happy to do the repair myself. Mary sent the parts, I followed the instructions, and hey presto - peace has been restored in the flat! I am very happy to recommend the Litter Robot to any feline family, it is such a civilised solution for a cat's toilette! che ers, Sandra, Cordelia, and Evie (vale Bunbury).
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