Michael C. 06/11/2020
All Done! The cats remain happy (basically no change for them as I've kept them using the globe as you suggested) and I'm ecstatic because I'm not in there every few hours rotating the globe!

Thanks so much for helping me get this thing sorted in a relatively short time frame - I truly appreciate it.
Suze G. 01/11/2020
I have fixed it! Yay! Worked first go. Yay we have our cat toilet back!

Thanks again for the parts and all your help.
Nathan 29/10/2020
The litter robot is working like a charm once again, I cannot thank you enough for the support provided in getting the robot back to life!
Tori H. 29/10/2020
Just wanted to say thanks for sending the part and all your help. Everything seems to be going well. Instructions were clear and great, it took a little time mainly because I was scared of breaking it but am glad that I was able to fix it myself.
Phuong N. 21/10/2020
My cat Pepper is already using the litter robot. She didnt want to use it at first but then I follow the tips, stop cleaning the old tray and giving her treat to get in the litter robot, everything is good now.
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