Matthew R. 29/08/2021
Just to let you know that I have now replaced the DFI boards and covers and the pinch detectors as per instructions in the video and it all works perfectly again.

Thank you so much for your help.
Tom S. 05/08/2021
The replacement DFI sensor arrived last week, and the Connect upgrade arrived yesterday. I installed them both last night, and once again have a working Litter Robot. The cats are very happy (as are we ?)

Thanks for all your assistance!
Sally M. 04/08/2021
I wanted to let you know my cats have transitioned from cat genie to robot. Amazing took my older cat a day to use it but he got there ? they love it as do I. it’s so much quieter and quicker cleaning than the cat genie too. This robot is so much easier to clean. The cat genie was a dirty job when needed to be cleaned. Had to wear gloves whereas robot is so much better. And no smell either cat genie gave off a cooked poo smell sometimes ? I love this and so do my cats now. Best investment ever and my daughter was one who put me onto it and so glad she did!
Mustafa B. 28/07/2021
The robot arrived on Tuesday and I set it up when I got home that night. No sooner than I filled it up, one of the cats jumped into it straight away. This was no surprise as they had been using the previous one for about 10 years already.
The new one looks very modern and has some fancy functions, none of which were on the original model. The night light is a great idea too (not that the cats had trouble using the old model).
I also notice the new model is significantly quieter than my original robot. The buttons are larger and look to be sturdier as well.
The original robot was a great innovation. The latest model takes it up to another level. Well with the investment (again!).
Fabio C. 26/07/2021
DFI installed!
The Robot is working perfectly.
Thank you again for the 10/10 help!
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