Per Anderson 19/02/2020
Mary and Ken are rockstars. My 3 cats took to the litter robot first day. Hate regular litter bins now. Had small issue with unit. Mary and Ken went beyond to help. Cats are happy with unit and Mary and Ken provide customer service to nth degree. The 5 of us can't thank you enough. We will be back for more definitely
Mat Steel 30/01/2020
I was a little sceptical at first with the price and wondered was it really worth it, Well yes its the best device we have purchased in a long time we have had ours for only a couple of months now and absolutely love it and so do our two cats, They both adapted to it with in two days and now have a clean litter tray every time. The unit works just like they say and comes complete ready to go out of a really big box, and saves heaps of money on cat litter. I would highly recommend this device even if I only had one cat I would still purchase it. The unit makes life so much easier for busy cat owners and so much better for your cats, expensive but fantastic !
Sharlee 28/01/2020
I brought the litter robot about a year ago now. I was hesitant at the initial cost, but must say I have not regretted that cost once since. Money well spent, it is fantastic. I love cats, but I can’t stand the smell of cat poo. The litter robot reduces the smell to almost nothing.
Staff at cat evolution are always extremely helpful. And a year on and my litter robot is still working perfectly.
Sammii T. 20/01/2020
I purchased the litter-robot connect about a month ago and am absolutely in love!! Firstly, the customer service from Mary was some of the best I have received. She was so helpful with all the questions I had before purchasing and then during set-up and transition, and some trouble shooting I had. Mary always added extra advice and suggestions along the way to make the whole transition from litter trays to the robot stress free.

I have 2x British Shorthair kitties, one is an adult and 9kg, and the other still a kitten but already almost 5kg. I was initially a bit nervous they wouldn't like the smaller space, as I had the largest jumbo hooded ones you could buy, it was like a private sand pit to them, but thankfully they happily transitioned after a few nervous inspections and sniffs, after 2 weeks they were both more than happy with the new loo. One of the best things bout the robot is not having to bend down to scoop morning and night, I just wait for the robot to tell me to empty the tray and its done in a couple of minutes. There is absolutely no smell, and I just love it! I particularly love the nice Grey colour too. It looks very classy.

Another wonderful product is the Premium Clumping litter. At first I was a little sceptical due to the price, but after using it for the first time I was sold! It has no dust at all, well none that I noticed. It is extremely quick to absorb, and is truly unscented. I was using different litter that I thought was okay, but realised how truly dusty it was compared to cat evolutions product. So now I can't go back to the old one.

You won't be disappointed in buying a litter robot for your cats, it is truly an amazing product, and comes with some of the best customer service you could ever ask for.
Chitra S. 20/01/2020
The new Cat litter robot is fantastic! its working great so far :)
No need for scooping and hardly any mess, Keeps the area clean!
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