Christine 11/01/2020
I’ve already rated the robot as amazing; had it nearly a year. It wasn’t until we had a fault that we really saw the benefit of it and how we’d become very reliant on it!
The repair service offered was excellent. We did follow instructions from Mary to try and fix it ourselves, however didn’t work. Mary sent us a replacement base which was received in 48 hours and all back up and running again.
Thank you again Mary for your help!
Caryn . 08/01/2020
I thought I would send a photo of my cats when the Litter Robot arrived. As you can see they were both very interested in it and used it straight away. This product is awesome and it has made life so much easier. They both like to stick their heads in and watch the cleaning cycle. They both love it.
Christine Grahame 02/01/2020
I am not sure how cat owners (hang on cats own us!) can do without the LR. I purchased my LR to arrive a few days before I picked up my kittens. I purchased it based on all the excellent recommendations on this page. A few hundred people can’t be wrong! We had it in “manual mode” until they hit the recommended weight to activate the LR. Even in manual mode it was easier to manage than multiple kitty litter trays. After swapping over to auto mode I had a slight hiccup. I rang Mary and the problem was resolved quickly and efficiently. Have to say Mary provides the best customer service ever. I personally think it is value for money and will not hesitate to replace it when the time comes. The video have been helpful and even doing a deep clean is not hard or time consuming.
Cherie 30/12/2019
Beyond amazing customer service!! Absolutely best customer service I have ever experienced!
I had an issue with the motor in my base and Mary sent out a replacement base asap. Mary you were an absolute lifesaver so close to Christmas. Thank you so much for resolving my issue so promptly.
I picked up the replacement base Christmas Eve so I could spend Christmas day relaxing and not scooping!
Cameron L. 23/12/2019
Cats are loving it, we are too.

Expensive, but worthwhile product.

Incredibly satisfied so far.
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