Natasha Lindberg 15/07/2017
I looove my new open air Litter Robot, I upgraded from the bubble and it is much improved. Mary and Ken go out of their way to help even driving down to Donnybrook to fix a little problem I was having. If you hate scooping litter get one of these you won't regret it
Tim 14/06/2017
Have the open air 3 and it is amazing, unfortunately I had a malfunction with the unit as I was getting error messages, as soon as I told Mary of the issues she replied straight away with some trouble shooting options to try to fix the problem, but to no avail. She also checked with the manufacturer to also ensure there was nothing else we could try. The only option was to send it back. Once they received the device it was repaired and returned within 3 business daysfrom WA to ViC not only is the machine a life changer but the aftercare service is as good as the machine
Alex 11/06/2017
The robots are nice and clean !!! Great News! After 2 weeks of using the new (Cat Evolution) cat litter, we haven't had any problems with the robots!!! The cat litter is amazing and the robots even better!!!! Thanks Mary your support has been invaluable.
Vicky 31/05/2017
This is the only working litter robot that suitable for my cats at this moment, but it is still a little bit small for xxl cat! I have two ragdoll and one maine coon, and one of the ragdolls is above 7kg and length around 100cm. He doesn't like the globe cause his movement is limited inside, so sometimes he would poo or pee near the litter robot to show that he is unsatisfied. And that is not the only thing that annoys me. I have tried many types of litter, such as tidy cat, cats best, world's best and so on, but I just couldn't find a perfect one to fit the litter robot. The clay litter is not quick enough to clump when my cats pee, so when the robot cycling the wet litter will stick to all inside the globe, so that i change to use natural litter. But I find that the choose is limited cause the robot can't work probably if the size of each pieces of litter isn't small enough.

Cat Evolution note: changing the Wait Time Setting of cycling once the cat has exited, to a longer wait period, may assist with different litter clumping rates.
Emma 29/05/2017
Game changer!!
I hated having to clean out the litters for my two big male cats. One in particular has rather stinky number 2's!! Took around 48hrs for them to be fine using the robot (followed all of the instructions). It's been so good not coming home from work to my apartment smelling of cat business!! It needs emptying around ever 7-8 days or so, sometimes the draw full indicator says it's full but a quick shake/wriggle of the waste drawer sorts that out :) I've been using Tidy Cats litter but I've been finding that it tracks and bits of litter get stuck in my cats paws (DSH) so have ordered the premium Cat Evolution litter.
Love love love the litter robot and question myself as to why I didn't get it sooner!! Definitely worth the $'s!!
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