Kaitlin 03/08/2017
It is going great! Both my cats used it straight away! They are both troopers! although my little 7 month kitten likes to jump in and out of it to set it off cause she gets very amused with it when it spins!
Lisa B 28/07/2017
Our new Litter Robot arrived a couple days ago, and already we are all so much happier! The cat litter issue was something my son and I had been “at war” over for quite some time. We have two cats, Poppet and Baxter, and scooping the cat litter tray was something that was required at least once a day, even twice most days. A friend of mine had purchased a Litter Robot a couple years ago, and she couldn’t praise it highly enough! I had decided quite some time ago that the moment I could afford a Litter Robot of our own, we were getting one .

Baxter has been the more inquisitive of the two, and has taken to the Robot with no worries at all. He likes to watch it when it goes through its cycle, and he seems totally fascinated with it. Poppet has been a little bit more hesitant, but has taken to it with no problems. The Robot is so easy to use, the design looks so space-age and is fantastic, and I love that they have a little night light.

So, two days in and I believe this is one of the best purchases I’ve ever made! My kitties are happy, my son and I are over the moon at not having to scoop poop anymore, and Betsy the dog can’t eat from the litter tray every again!
Donna Mack 23/07/2017
We have had our litter robot for a month now and absolutely love it . We had a little issue with the shield at the start and Mary was so helpful and replaced it very quickly So nice to have such great fast customer service before and after you buy a product We have 2 Sphynx who use a lot of litter lol but not anymore this has saved so much money on litter time no more spending ages cleaning out litter trays it's wonderful It's seems like a lot of money but it's so worth it We love it
Emrys Liddy 16/07/2017
Everything well, 4 cats and they all prefer to use it, all is happy. Thankyou for the service, is very appreciated.
Soumyadeep 15/07/2017
We love the product and our kittens (Chloe Darcy) love it too.
Transition time for both of them was just 1 day !!
5 stars anytime.
I would also like to add that the litter odour has dropped down to nearly zero. Credit goes to both the design of the unit and also the premium catevolution litter which I'm guessing has a percentage of carbon in it (looking at the colour and the way it blackens with moisture).
Great products (both unit and litter). Great performance. We are very happy so far.
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