Anne Cohn 10/12/2016
I have two 9 month old kittens.The more timid of the two is using the robot for all his toileting.The usually more out-going one is avoiding but hopefully will adapt.
I am getting used to how it cycles and find it very convenient.
Thank you for being so accessible for advice.
Neer 10/12/2016
best cat toilet,my sphynx cat loves it!He was unable to trigger the sensor at first, coz he was not heavy enough ,it's ok now,the best thing is NO MORE SCOOPING ~~~
Sheldon 30/11/2016
I was rather hesitant at first, as the Litter Robot is a lot of money at first glance. I was worried that my cat won't be interested in using it, but with the money back guarantee, I figured that I had nothing to lose. She was intrigued by the new contraption and after she realised that she could go inside, she hasn't used her old litter box since. I find it worth every cent so far, I would buy it again and again.
Craig 25/11/2016
This is without doubt the best litter "box" I have had

I have two cats and they took to it straight away. No odour, no mess

Not cheap but well worth it
Julie Cass 25/11/2016
REVIEW UPDATE as If I could increase my 5 star rating I would!

I am still marvelling at how easy and totally odour-free our life with Rasmus has become since we acquired our amazing Litter Robot III.

We check blue light is on; empty the waste tray once a week on rubbish day; and top up with a small amount of clumping litter. That's it! So easy.

We are just so happy with this product. No odour at all; a once-a-week emptying of the waste collection tray; and (most importantly) a happy cat! I used to feel so sorry for Rasmus when he was 'half-in and half-out' of his previous automatic litter tray, because it just wasn't big enough to accommodate his long body. He used to scratch and scratch at the plastic in an ineffectual attempt to cover his waste.

The other thing that has really amazed us is the savings on litter! I only top up the litter once a week. With the other tray, we were paying $30 once a fortnight for a replacement crystal litter tray. It just became unaffordable in the end.
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