Rosie S. 29/09/2021
I’m so happy to report that I cleaned everything with the magic eraser and the second I clicked the hood back in it started to cycle. I didn’t even have to press reset. I have chucked the cat in 3 times for it to cycle and it has done so each time without errors I have also wobbles and pressed and pulled on the hood and this hasn’t upset it either!!
Seriously though how good are magic erasers, the amount of black stuff that came off even after I thought I cleaned them as incredible!
Thanks so much for everything, I really appreciate your time and patience
Juliet C. 23/09/2021
The litter robot was delivered yesterday. I love it! Cats started using it straight away. They were playing in it at first. Hoping to get another down the track. Much appreciate your assistance with everything.
Sonia H. 19/09/2021
Thank you so much for all the emails and follow up tips. Your customer service has been exceptional.
Sara C. 10/09/2021
It’s works! I’m so excited! Thanks so much for all your help. The repair was very straightforward, I almost kept pace with the local video. I was very thankful we have magnetic screwdrivers as the screws would be difficult to extract from some places otherwise. But no special skills required, the video was very clear.

Very clever to make a machine that can be repaired easily by the user.
Steve K. 02/09/2021
Just letting you know I replaced the pinch sensors and the DFI and everything is working ok now .
Thanks for your help .
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