Anne, Aurora and Ganymede 22/01/2018
Litter-Robot is a brilliant invention!

It took less than a week for my litter-robot to arrive, and just over a week for both my cats to completely transition from litter boxes to litter-robot. It has meant a clean litter box is now available every time the cats need it, instead of waiting for me to clean it. The bag is easy to empty, the cats are entertained when the cleaning cycle runs, and I couldn't be happier. The Customer Service team of Mary and Shadow is excellent. It has been a pleasure dealing with Cat Evolution.

PS. As an added bonus, the cats love playing in the giant box that the Litter-Robot was delivered in. The hand-hold hole is a portal for fights and frights galore!
Patricia, Robert, Anna 13/01/2018
Litter Robot fixed and working well now much to the delight of Coco the Birman who likes to see her poop disappear. Service and methodology to organise replacement was excellent and very smooth.
Daniel 09/01/2018
So far so good.

We have 3 adult cats all started using the robot with 2 days. We left the old litter box next to the robot for 2 days then removed it. During these 2 days, the cats were definitely using the robot.

I am finding I need to change the drawer every 3 days.

The main difference so far is there is no smell! ( yey )

I expect we are going to save a lot on litter as well.

Brilliant product!
audrey and ben 29/12/2017
Love the Litter Robot. We have had this for over 9 months now and just went away for 2 weeks leaving multiple cats with this and a couple of spare backup trays A neighbour changed the litter drawer and checked on all the cats and their automatic feeder every 2 days. The litter robot worked fantastically and has been well worth the extra expense. With multiple cats living in the apartment at times (up to 7 when looking after various family member cats) I keep the inside cleaned with a brush and if necessary a quick wipe over with a damp cloth every few days and notice this reduces any use of the back up crystal tray that I put beside the unit in case it is occupied when another cat needs it. No problems while I have had this despite the heavy use it is getting - thanks so much for a great product.
Andrew 27/12/2017
I was a bit disbelieving when I bought this unit but needed to try something to help my Asthma. So after getting it delivered (very quickly I might add), within an hour my little Russian Blue had started to inspect it. By time another hour had gone by she had used it an was after that hooked. Got to say I love it. Yes its expensive but it takes away a lot of messing around an the room is cleaning with it. VERY HAPPY!! Would and have recommended it to everyone I know with cats. Merry Xmas all
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