Christine L. 24/08/2020
Just a quickly update that my base was well received today and working again. My cats are super happy with the robot back.

Thank you and your team with the prompt response and excellent customer service. Highly appreciated.
Jaz G. 21/08/2020
All fixed, working perfectly!
Thanks for your help!
Tanya 21/08/2020
Fast shipping.

Great in theory, the litter box itself works perfectly, however my cat just wont use it. I have tried every recommend trick and he still wont. Which has meant this has been a stressful and expensive exercise.

Tina C. 02/08/2020
Thank you so much for the additional information. I had delayed in responding as I had several tests of this that first of all didn’t work. So I kept on trialling things. I had to get my dad to come and sort it out, and thankfully we were able to get the system to work automatically on the timed options. I have also since had to remove a bag of waste, so this was the ultimate test of whether it was going to work for me again and it has. I’m happy to report that the three cats that I have here are all using the litter robot and it is cycling after 3 minutes well.

Thanks again for your advice, after moving the machine a little and ensuring it was not touching anything, as well as getting the weight distribution correct, it’s all working fine at this time.

This was definitely one of the best purchases I have made, cleaning up after 3 cats was becoming a full time job and especially difficult if other people were looking after the cats as they would not be as diligent as I would in cleaning up after them. This system solves many problems and inconveniences now.
Razia M. 26/07/2020
I wanted to let you know that we are incredibly happy with the litter robot!
It took us less than a week for Honey to fully adjust but she is loving it and still fascinated by the spinning motion.
This was an amazing buy. I can’t believe that I don’t have to scoop litter anymore????
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