Lisa K. 25/10/2021
The DFI kit arrived right away but I only just installed it. I really can't thank you enough for the great service you've provided. I was able to install the kit successfully using the tips and videos and now the robot is working perfectly again! I'm very relieved to have to no longer scoop! And definitely a 5 star review :)
Rob F. 20/10/2021
Just writing to thank you for your assistance with the repair of my litter robot.

The parts arrived on Friday and under the close supervision of the cat I carried out the replacement of the parts.

The litter robot is operating again which has made the cat very happy. As soon as it was working again she was straight into it to test it out.

I consider the service I received deserves 10 stars
Natasha B. 19/10/2021
Our two ragdolls have very successfully taken to their litter robot. Impressive at almost 12 and 13 years old. We’re yet to leave it on, just doing manually at the moment as it’s only been 3 days. We used their favourite treats to get them used to it, fresh seafood. Our female used it within 6 hours, our male took an extra day but he got there very quickly.
We love the product it’s so helpful for them when we go away for a weekend, they have what cats love the most fresh litter. ?

They are thoroughly enjoying the box too, as cats do.

UPDATE they are now fully transitioned and we accidentally left it on today and they’re now fully ok with it running with or without us present. Ragdolls are quick learners.

Absolutely 5 stars. Our female cat is loving her clean litter.
Falicity N. 18/10/2021
Thank you for the amazing customer service that you supplied us. We received the parts and installed them successfully.
Dr Ranil G. 30/09/2021
I wholeheartedly recommend Cat Evolution and Mary’s after-sales service.
I recently called with a problem as I’d changed litter types. The new litter was heavier and causing cycling issues.
Mary was immediately available and provided advice that resolved the problem straight away.
Thanks, Dr Ranil Gunewardene
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