Elizabeth 26/03/2019
The kitty robot is awesome and very easy to use. The only thing was my two senior 14 year old cats would not adjust to it, i think they're too old and stuck in their ways. Luckily we had the 90 day period to see if it was right. Cat evolution was very easy to deal with and were very helpful in allowing us to return the robot on a sunday.
Mark, W 22/03/2019
Actually, I was always used to manual so I was very concerned about quality and durability, especially when people are inclined to stick to old fashioned way. I also had some not so good reviews on the web. I was convinced with buying a digital product so I secured my risk with the extended warranty. However, I am fortunate enough that I never had to claim it :)
Michelle & Greg 15/03/2019
We originally purchased the Litter Robot 12 months ago and to be honest I thought "that's a hell of a lot of money to spend on a litter tray" , but it has been such a success
we recently purchased a 2nd Litter Robot for our 2 Birman girls and our 2 BSH.
I know the units are expensive but they are by far the best in what they do, unattended, mess free, no scoop, non touch litter removal.
I'm not going to do the " would recommend this to anyone" routine suffice to say this unit is " bloody sensational" and is an absolute must if your serious about litter cleanliness
and your cat's hygiene and of course if you can justify the expense.
Thoroughly happy and Satisfied with the Litter Robots.
Michelle & Greg (Brisbane)
Tim 13/03/2019
Replacing the pinch detectors was easy enough and I'm really not that handy of a guy - just follow the video: https://youtu.be/FJkQTXxkXXA and you can't go too wrong.

The video instructions made it really easy. As long as you have some pliers and some screwdrivers you'll be fine.

Undo some screws, pull the wire connector (or whatever it is called) off the metal piece, repeat with other side, replace with new ones and reconnect the wire connectors - no more yellow flashing light 3 times a second!

I successfully replaced the pinch detectors and the unit is working again!

I appreciate you resolving this so quickly for me
Sam 06/03/2019
We have a Bengal and a Ragdoll and purchased the Litter Robot about 6 months ago and I cannot recommend it highly enough!

Our Bengal would previously get stressed if his litter tray was not immaculate, and we had him on medication to help him with this. Since getting the LR we have now been able to wean him off the medication and he is a much calmer and happier kitty :)
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