Penny H. 17/11/2021
Life is puurrffect!! Pearl is now using the robot. Again, early hours of the morning. I walked into the bathroom to see her exiting, very cool calm and collected. She looked up at me, with a what’s your problem attitude.
In spite of the attitude, I gave her cuddles and treats and told her she was a very good girl.
This morning I’m the happiest person in the world…Better than winning lotto!!!
Love the robot, love life with cats again!!
Thank you so much for your advice and patience. There’s not a person on the planet that could have any complaints about product or service! AAA
Peta B. 10/11/2021
Thank you so much!!!! It finally is working again ? I really appreciate you’re amazing customer service! Hope you have a lovely week and a merry Christmas!
Peta J. 09/11/2021
We got a winner both are using the robo litter since yesterday the tuxedo was cheeky as she fooled me using litter tray but then when my partner took the tray outside to freshen the air she took the robo litter like a breeze the little smarty pants.

So now I can relax and no more scooping!!!


Thanks for the tips also as it did work !!
Alison L. 09/11/2021
We have had our litterbot for, must be, just over a year now, and still think it is the best invention ever!! We are putting the second one in the covered enclosed catio/cat run, so we can get rid of the stinky sand along the fence line where the boys like to poop during the day (I am sick of replacing stinky sand every few weeks, and wasn't looking forward to it being worse this summer). Cola is a smart girl and prefers the nice clean litter in the litterbot. The boys will just have to suck it up and get used to it ?
Jumari B. 28/10/2021
Updating my replacement of dfi n pinch contact. Puurrrrenty happy with the replacement the machine back to life again as per normal . My 2 coonies straight into it after fixing!
I'm purrfectly happy as I got good fast support & definitely 5 stars. Awesome. That is what I look for in service n support. I have a few other machines too n LR is 1 of the best I have for my big cats. Keep up the good work. Thank you again Purrrfecto Purrrenty Happy.
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