Bailey S. 26/07/2020
They love it ???? took them about 4 days to transition! We already had an automatic tray so I think that helped them get the hang of it, plus they're young so a bit more adaptable I think.
Joshua W. 25/07/2020
Thanks for checking in. Our cat has used open and enclosed litter boxes and has adjusted easily to new litter boxes, the Litter-Robot was no exception. Everything is working fine. You sorted my issue with the litter being too heavy so all works great.
Gerri W. 23/07/2020
My cats love it. A huge success.
Kathleen J. 22/07/2020
I replaced the pinch detectors this morning and so far so good! Its working. It was easy. I followed the steps in the video you sent me. The hardest thing was pulling the old ones out because they were so rusted, they were a bit stuck, but even that wasn’t an issue really. Very easy to put back in. Thank you so much for your help.

I love this machine!
Anastasia B. 22/07/2020
Success - all fixed!

If only I had gotten back to you earlier!!

Thanks for the help
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