Kerry L 30/03/2020
This is the best purchase I've ever made. That's what I've been saying to everyone :)
The machine is wonderful, service is great and cats love it too.
We have been using it for about 3 years now and had some issue with the machine.
I've emailed Mary and received the great service. Now it's all working fine. ;) Thank you Mary!
cassie 22/03/2020
literally the best money i've ever spent. would recommend to anyone with cats. my two adjusted straight away and i've not had a problem at all!
Katherine P 06/03/2020
This thing is revolutionary! We have two cats, one is nervous, the other chilled. Both are 8 years old. Day 1, I set up the machine & left just one litter tray out for them as suggested, they sniffed it & ignored the robot. Day 2, removed their litter box altogether. When they came into the room looking for their litter trays, I used a length of cardboard to move the litter around inside the machine, so they could hear the litter and know what it was. By mid afternoon both cats were just dying to go. Finally by mid afternoon, the big fit 11 kg chicken crept up & gingerly got in it first, did his business & lept out of it like he was on fire. The other one held out till much later, then finally got into it, also exploded out of it afterward. Summery: I couldn't go back to litter trays ever again. I clean out the drawer every 4 days or so. Just be aware that it is a tall unit, footprint the size of a small clothes dryer. Love it.
Lizzie 04/03/2020
This is one of the best investments I’ve ever made. It’s changed my life! I have 2 cats and they both took to the litter robot within 24 hours. I’ve had the litter robot connect for 3 months now and couldn’t imagine life without it. It’s great being able to monitor its use while I’m away. Recently I had constant notifications that the waste drawer was full. I emailed Mary and she responded within minutes with some troubleshooting advice. Turns out the sensor had a bit of litter stuck on it so the problem was solved after a quick wipe with a cotton bud. Too easy!!!
The support after purchasing the litter robot is fantastic. Mary sends emails when it’s time for a maintenance clean and I have just completed the my first big clean which was super easy (and strangely enjoyable!). I highly recommend this product; it’s not cheap but it’s worth every cent!
Melissa 03/03/2020
We bought the Litter Robot just over a year ago and have not looked back since. I have two cats and initially bought the Robot while I was pregnant with my first child since I couldn’t clean the litter boxes. My husband only had to empty out the waste drawer once a week and the cats transitioned with no dramas at all. Recently, we had a bit of an issue with the sensors on the base however this was resolved within two days after emailing Mary in the sales team. We had to go back to traditional scooping while the repairs process took place and it made us appreciate this product even more and how much easier it has made life for us, especially with a new baby. Could not recommend the Litter Robot enough and yes, while it is pricey, the customer service is exceptional so you definitely get what you pay for!
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