Elise Beckhaus 27/04/2020
Unfortunately we had an issue with the motor, but Mary had a new replacement one sent to us ASAP. The cats are very happy again. It was very easy to replace the new with the old. Great product. Cats love it and so do I. Thanks again for the very professional service.
Matthew D. 25/04/2020
Thnx again for all the advice, it was invaluable,
I checked the sensors with phone camera they were working good
I located the pinch sensors and they were corroded really bad I took
them out and cleaned them with a steel brush got them shiny again and
now the Light has stopped flashing every time I do a cycle!! ????

thnx again so much for your help this machine has really changed our lives!
Jaymie 13/04/2020
The best money I’ve ever spent! It’s so good for busy people who don’t have a lot of time and the cats love having a fresh tray of litter to use each time. Super easy to set up and use and the customer service I’ve received from cat evolution is outstanding. Highly recommend purchasing the litter robot through these guys !!!!
Jessica S. 09/04/2020
So far, working great! Fussy Burmese was suspicious for the first few hours, but got in the swing very quickly, and preferred it instantly. After 24 hours we were able to safely remove the old litter tray :)
I definitely rate it 5 stars :) super easy to set up, change the bag and navigate. No smells. Love it!
Allan W. 31/03/2020
Hi there,
I have received the parts and managed to get it fixed. The robot is working perfectly fine now. Just wanna say thanks for your help and support. Thank you.
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