Sharnee J. 13/07/2020
I replaced the DFI yesterday, your instructions were easy to follow. The robot seems to be cycling normally now, such a relief :) It was definitely a lot easier than I anticipated. The tip of taking a photo prior to unplugging things was helpful.
Bill 21/06/2020
???? I have never encountered service as swift, courteous and thoughtful as that provided by you. You are to be commended for outstanding dedication to your customers, which I’m sure is a reflection of your pride in your products that, in my experience, cats love. ????
Renee H. 17/06/2020
Hello, we have success !!!!!
Our litter robot is operating again ???????????? yay sooooo happy.
Instructions were easy to follow and it was rather simple.
(DFI DIY repair)
Atheek 12/06/2020
Had a minor issue with the DFI a couple of weeks back after 3 years of fuss free cleaning. But the Cat Evolution team were very helpful in diagnosing and fixing the issue. I got the replacement part fairly quickly and the instructions on replacing the faulty part were very clear. Couldn’t recommend this company highly enough. Thank you very much!!
Heather 04/06/2020
This litter robot is seriously the most important thing in my house because I work 12 hour shifts and it's nice to know my babies have somewhere clean to poop.
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