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Filtered Water Fountain for Cats Australia

Matching the sleek and minimalist design of the Petwant Automatic Feeder, the  Filtered Water Fountain is easy to fill, hard to tip, and delightful to see! 

One of the essentials in pet care is providing clean fresh water, free from added chemicals. Cats and dogs, particularly when using dry food in their diet, need much more hydration than in the wild. They are instinctively drawn to moving water. A filtered water fountain, that provides nature-inspired movement, encourages your pet to drink well and stay healthy through proper hydration. The Petwant Filtered Water Fountain filters and aerates your pets water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. The activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water and the shallow drinking plate captures debris and stops pets from pawing out the water or tipping the bowl over easily. In addition, the constant circulation inhibits bacteria growth, keeping the fountain cleaner, and reducing everyday cleaning. The 2.7 ltr capacity provides plenty of volume, reducing the need to refill often, and allowing peace of mind that your pets have fresh clean water available, even when you are not home to change the water frequently. Designed to provide ample hydration for your pets, the Petwant Filtered Water Fountain gives you back your weekends and caters for working away, whilst keeping your pets well cared for with fresh clean water.

The Petwant Filtered Water Fountain can be taken apart fully for easy cleaning and is constructed of durable materials that are resistant to bacteria. The pump, reservoir and base filter are secured under the top plate which provides a shallow reservoir that is locked in place, and very difficult for your pet to remove, but is  easily unscrewed for cleaning. The design keeps the weight to the base of the Fountain, making tipping less likely, and also restricts the amount of water available for playing in and pawing out, reducing mess and waste. Topping up is easy, as the floating white light is clearly visible as a level indicator, and water can be added without opening the Fountain. Simply pour in the top. The carbon filter also has a clear indication when it needs to be changed, with yellow solid light. The Fountain will continue to operate until you can insert the replacement filter.

The Petwant Filtered Water Fountain is simple, clean and modern, designed for easy use to enhance your pet care by providing a source of fresh clean moving water for your pets, without constant attention to supply by you. Regain your time, and provide better care for your pets.

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based on 3 reviews
Author : Tenielle
Posted on - 14/11/2020
Bought this to have a second water fountain at home. I love the design and the window at the front makes it easy to see water level. Easy to take apart to rinse, and filters are easy to replace. My cats love the shape of the spout. If I have to replace the other fountain at home, I will getting another of these.
Author : Seth J
Posted on - 14/09/2020
Got this as a replacement as the Smart Water Fountain Pump kept breaking on me.
Staff are very helpful and understanding.
this new pump has been quiet and my cat loves it there is a small dripping sound which is normal and you can only hear if you are looking for the sound.
Author : Bel P.
Posted on - 03/07/2020
The water fountains are great, especially that you can just pick up and change the water and clean easily, without unplugging.