Elevation Jr Cat Tower
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Best Quality Elevation Jr Cat Tower

Create a beautiful vertical play space for your cats, without compromising on design and aesthetics, and maximum movability to up-change location for season and style.

The modern Elevation Cat Tower Junior is designed for easy installation, and simple step reconfiguration to keep play fresh for felines.  A sturdy centre pole provides the backbone. Made of thick 100% birch plywood, hand crafted from eco-friendly materials sourced in USA, the pole has a well-proportioned base plate, solidly held together to ensure stability regardless of cat acrobatics. Plenty of multiple slots spaced every 7.5 cm provide ample options for step and platform spacing to be customised for cats, big or small. Addition of feeders, or variations such as plant holder and bridge, add variety and personal designer styling to this versatile piece of contemporary cat furniture.

Changing up the spacing for feline fun is simple with a chock and slide fitting, which also provides amazingly solid steps for cat antics. Commercial carpet, neutral colour, is inset on the top surfaces to provide great grip and rub opportunities, without the torn and worn fluffy edges which quickly make traditional cat towers look tired and tip-worthy.

Designed for easy integration in modern living spaces, the Elevation Junior will provide durable feline vertical adventure, without compromising your style.

NOTE feeder is not included and is available for separate purchase.

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based on 3 reviews
Author : Bronwyn
Posted on - 04/11/2019
I purchased the Junior Elevation Cat tower approximately 4 months ago now. My cat loves it relatively easy to put together. AS it is was natural timber, I varnished all the exposed timber to help protect and enabling it to be cleaned without any staining to it. My cat is generally on the top level, looking out the window and enjoying the sun. No regrets with the purchase.
Author : Kazumi M.
Posted on - 26/03/2019
I received cat tower jr last year. My cat love it.
Author : Amelia J.
Posted on - 22/03/2019
It is worth of price. I must say their delivery was very fast and professional. She helped me in detail to make my decision that proved right. Thanks Mary