Elevation Cat Tower
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Climbing Cat Tower Australia

Create a beautiful vertical play space for your cats, without compromising on style.

The modern Elevation Tower is designed for easy installation, and simple step reconfiguration to keep play fresh for felines.  A floor to ceiling ‘tension pole’ provides the backbone. Made of thick 100% birch plywood, hand crafted from eco-friendly materials sourced in USA, the pole has multiple slots spaced every 7.5cm, so step and platform spacing can be customised for cats, big or small. Addition of feeders, or variations such as plant holder and bridge, provide variety and personal designer styling to this versatile piece of contemporary cat furniture.

Changing up the spacing for feline fun is simple with a chock and slide fitting, which also provides amazingly solid steps for cat antics. Commercial carpet, neutral colour, is inset on the top surfaces to provide great grip and rub opportunities, without the torn and worn fluffy edges which quickly make traditional cat towers look tired and tip-worthy.

Designed for easy integration in modern living spaces, the Elevation will provide durable feline vertical adventure, without compromising your style.


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Author : Harsha
Posted on - 11/03/2020
Pricey but you can tell where the money is being spent. Everything about it feels premium and the great care in designing and making the product is extremely evident. Looks amazing and our cat instantly loved it.

Also no foam that cats can tear off or surfaces that attract hair and dust. In the event that a step is to be replaced or you wanna switch the design up, it's extremely easy to fit it however you want.

Also the base takes up very little space and is extremely easy to vacuum or walk around.

This is a great option if you only want to buy a cat tree once and not worry about it.

Side note would be to be sure that your ceiling can hold the tension.
Author : Jane M.
Posted on - 15/10/2019
The Elevation Cat Tower is amazing! Very high quality, looks beautiful and does not take up much space which is perfect for our small apartment.
My fussy cat Smokey took to it quickly and is happy that he can now see out over the balcony to the world outside.
I highly recommend this strong and durable tower! Perfect for both feline and human and is rental friendly with no holes needed in the ceiling or floor.
High quality that will last for years to come.
Author : Gilbert and Rita Greich
Posted on - 11/09/2019
Cat Evolution is a true evolution in terms of creative design and quality products.
We are done with generic, cheap and tasteless pet products which we had no option but to buy from veterinary or wholesale pet shops!
The Elevation Cat Tower is a versatile cat tree with minimal footprint and solid build. Our cat Loki did not even wait till we finished putting it up to claim it as his own!
Cat Evolution products may be more expensive than other products in the market, but they are worth every dollar! The fact that they are stylishly designed and well made from quality material makes them a class of their own and will last much longer.
For our cat's needs, we do not have to look any further than Cat Evolution.
We look forward to seeing new innovative products.
Author : Vanesssa S.
Posted on - 24/06/2019
My cat Satchmo still loves the cat tree I bought off you. He is in it all the time ????
Author : Martin W.
Posted on - 22/03/2019
It is really fun for my buddy. She loves it. As far as the product is concerned, I am really happy to have local suppliers like you delivering quality products like in real time. Overall great experience