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Cat Water Fountain Australia

One of the essentials in pet care is providing clean fresh water, free from added chemicals. Cats and dogs, particularly when using dry food staple, need much more hydration than in the wild. They are instinctively drawn to moving water. A filtered watering fountain, that provides nature-inspired movement, encourages your pet to drink well and stay healthy through proper hydration. The Smart Petfun Filtered Water Fountains filter and aerate the water to keep it much fresher than standing bowl water. The activated carbon filter removes bad tastes and odours from the water and the pre-filter captures debris and stops pets pawing out the water or tipping the bowl over easily. In addition, the constant circulation inhibits bacteria growth, keeping the fountain cleaner, and reducing everyday cleaning. The 3ltr capacity provides plenty of volume, reducing the need to refill often, and allowing peace of mind that your pets have fresh clean water available, even when you are not home to change the water daily. Designed to provide ample hydration for your pets, the Smart PetFun Filtered Water Fountain gives you back your weekends, and caters for working away, whilst keeping your pets well cared for with fresh clean water.

The Smart Petfun Filtered Water Fountain can be taken apart fully for easy cleaning, and is constructed of durable materials that are resistant to bacteria. The pump, reservoir and base filter are secured under the prefilter which provides a shallow reservoir that is locked in place, and very difficult for your pet to remove, but easily removed for cleaning. The design keeps the weight to the base of the Fountain, making tipping less likely, and also restricts the amount of water available for playing in and pawing out, reducing mess and waste. Topping up is easy, as the blue light changes to red to indicate low level, and water can be added without opening the Fountain. Simply pour in the top. The carbon filter also has a clear indication when it needs to be changed, with blue flashing light. The Fountain will continue to operate until you can insert the replacement filter.

The Smart PetFun Filtered Water Fountain is simple, clean and modern, designed for easy use to enhance your pet care by providing a source of fresh clean moving water for your pets, without constant attention to supply by you. Regain your time, and provide better care for your pets.


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Author : Tenielle
Posted on - 14/11/2020
Good product, and my cats enjoy drinking out of it. Only thing I don't love about it is that it is difficult to see the water level. It is easy to take apart and clean, super easy to replace the filter.
Author : Sarah H.
Posted on - 05/11/2019
I had a problem with the Water Fountain, and had to return it. The process was easy and I’m super impressed with everything else I’ve bought and with your customer service. Thank you!
Author : Ellen L.
Posted on - 15/10/2019
Wow, thanks for being so EASY!
I had a problem with my water fountain, and it was so easy to sort out and return the faulty product, and a new one was sent out very quickly.
Will definitely recommend to my friends :)
Author : Aymeric D
Posted on - 19/09/2018
My sincere thanks for replacing the unit… and making the process so smooth ! … Our cat is now drinking from the new unit … and it’s almost silent in comparison !

So we are very happy with the unit in it’s intended operational state and value your exemplary customer service.
Author : Adriarna
Posted on - 14/09/2018
I purchased this water fountain for my always thirsty Sphynx. I absolutely love it, makes little to no noise and is always filtering through fresh, clean water. I fill it once every few days and I know when I’m not home he always has fresh and clean water available. Highly recommend.