Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
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  • Self-cleans after each use
  • Reduces litter box odour
  • Saves money on litter
  • No special accessories needed
  • Great for multiple cats of all sizes (max approx 12.5kg)
  • Safe for cats as light as 2.3kg
  • Extra spacious litter chamber
  • Enlarged entryway
  • Drawer full indicator blue light
  • Adjustable cycle timer
  • Sleep mode & lock out feature
  • Automatic night light

Say hello to the completely reimagined Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air, and say goodbye to scooping forever. Designed to make cat ownership easier every day, the self cleaning litter box is automatically scooped after each use and waste is deposited into a convenient drawer, all while using less litter and reducing spilling and odour. Features include Drawer Full Indication, an Automatic Night Light, Sleep Mode, and adjustable Wait Time Settings. Freedom from scooping has never been more convenient! Great durable design, and peace of mind with the Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 18-Month Warranty.

A Few of the Features

  • Large Ergonomic Litter Chamber: The large upward facing entry and litter chamber makes it much more inviting and comfortable for larger cats.
  • Automatic Night Light: An automatic night light feature helps aid elderly cats during night time visitations. The light can be toggled on and off.
  • Adjustable Cycle Timer: Depending on your preference, you can choose a 3 minute, 7 minute, or 15 minute delay from the time your cat uses the Litter-Robot to the time it cycles.
  • 8 Hour Sleep Mode: When activated, for a period of 8 hours your unit will only cycle when the Cycle button is pressed manually.
  • Drawer Full Indication: A blinking blue light will notify you when the waste drawer is full.
  • Works on Safe 15 VDC Power
  • Easy Simple Control Panel
  • Accommodates cats weighing 2.3kg or more

The Litter Low Down

The Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air has been designed to work with various types of clumping litter, not just premium clumping clay litters. The sifting screen is designed for clumping clay litters, as well as some alternative litters as long as clumping, and with suitable weight and size of particle. Wood and paper based litters are not suitable due to size of particles and lightweight for volume. A helpful guide is if the litter is sold by weight (kg) rather than volume (ltr) it is likely to be suitable for use in the Litter-Robot. As a large variety of clay clumping litters are suitable, you have purrsonal choice to suit your cats and your budget.

Litter Change Tip


As a tip, make sure you have your cats using suitable clay clumping litter  in their manual system BEFORE introducing the Robot, as familiar litter will help them recognise the Robot is the new litter box, just a different shape, and will make transition faster and easier for all.

Important Delivery Note

The Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air comes in a BIG BOX, and is delivered by Courier to your door, with signature required. You do need to make suitable arrangements for receiving the Litter-Robot, so that you are not disappointed or delayed in receiving it asap.  Please note Australia Post Offices and Boxes are not able to deliver or receive this item. If you need help with planning safe arrival, please email as redeliveries do incur additional costs.


Litter-Robot Open Air Manual


based on 5 reviews
Author : Jon
Posted on - 06/05/2020
I have installed the new equipment and my litter robot is working beautifully again!

Thank you so much for your help. Your quick replies with good information and advice were fantastic.
Author : Hosanne M.
Posted on - 29/04/2020
The litter robot arrived on Friday without issue.

I sprinkled a bit of clumping litter into her tray on Wednesday (thanks for the tip on ALDI...could not believe how cheap it was) and just hours after setting it up, Luna started using her litter robot and the next day she completely abandoned the old (might I add dirty) litter box.

Just wanted to thank you for all your help - really appreciate it. I have also told all my cat-owner-friends great things about the product and your website.
Author : Kerrie S.
Posted on - 28/04/2020
I love my litter robot and have found the type of litter works great with my Sphinx kitten.

Best investment!! Great service from you also. 5star service and product
Author : Elise Beckhaus
Posted on - 27/04/2020
Unfortunately we had an issue with the motor, but Mary had a new replacement one sent to us ASAP. The cats are very happy again. It was very easy to replace the new with the old. Great product. Cats love it and so do I. Thanks again for the very professional service.
Author : Matthew D.
Posted on - 25/04/2020
Thnx again for all the advice, it was invaluable,
I checked the sensors with phone camera they were working good
I located the pinch sensors and they were corroded really bad I took
them out and cleaned them with a steel brush got them shiny again and
now the Light has stopped flashing every time I do a cycle!! ????

thnx again so much for your help this machine has really changed our lives!