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Cats are wonderful creatures that make  entertaining, fun  and loving pets in your home, blending seamlessly into your life and becoming members of the family. Even in an apartment with limited space, cats are an ideal pet that can easily be added into the mix.

It is important to prepare your apartment for your new furry friend. Although they require less exercise and space than dogs, being able to comfortably accommodate your new cat into your living space can be a bigger adjustment than you may think.

We have created our top 7 tips to make sure that your apartment is cat friendly and allows for you to both live in harmony together.


Window perch:

Most cats take pleasure in gazing out of a window. No matter if they are just watching the traffic, staring at trees or plotting their revenge against the other neighbourhood felines, cats enjoy looking out to their surroundings. Cats love to sit at a raised vantage point as it is embedded in their natural instincts. After all, they have an in-built superiority complex dating back 4,000 years to when they were regarded as gods and goddesses by the Ancient Egyptians.

As cats are typically small in size, it is not difficult to create a dedicated perch or ledge for them to view the world from. Whether it is a stool that has a bed placed on top of it or a conveniently located armrest of a couch, your cat will be happier and appreciate a place to hang out by the window. Another affordable solution is installing shelves. A simple shelf that is strategically placed along a window can give your cat the elevation they crave whilst providing a comfortable place to lounge.  


A cat in an apartment does need to be stimulated, and keeping them entertained through interactive toys and games is a must to save furniture and frustration. Be sure to stock your home with plenty of toys so that they can entertain themselves, such as a fluffy mouse, or feathers on a string.

Scratching posts:

Scratching is an important function in the health and behaviour of your cat. Not only does scratching keep their nails healthy and at a comfortable length for them, but it allows for the felines to mark their territory.

The nail beds of cats leave behind a chemical scent wherever they scratch and is why it is so crucial for them to do so. Many cats will scratch up furniture despite their owners investing in a scratching post. Cats may prefer to scratch on furniture such as couches as they are stable and solid and do not move when the cat applies pressure. It is important to invest in a solid scratching post to satisfy the instinct and save the couch for sitting.

Also, don't be afraid to try the scratching post in different locations. Sometimes it is about the placement of the post rather than the post itself that makes all the difference.

Litter trays:

Litter trays are an unavoidable part of owning an indoor cat. The position of the cat litter tray is important to not only the comfort of the cat, but is crucial to the general health of your pet. The cat litter tray should be located in a secluded corner where it is away from their food and water but also avoids any external factors that cats may consider stressful or dangerous. This includes full-length windows and busy foot traffic areas as cats  may see people, doors and windows as dangerous places that cause a threat to them. Peace, safety and privacy are hallmarks for good litter tray location. Also of importance from a person perspective is impact of odour, appearance and hygiene.

Regularly cleaning the litter tray after use is an essential daily task, and cleaning the tray entirely, replacing litter and washing the tray, should be completed once a week. As the least attractive, but essential task of cat ownership, there are options to help complete the chore for you.

The Automatic Litter Robot III Open Air from Cat Evolution is a completely reimagined litter box that allows you to automate the daily task of scooping the litter tray after use.  This device is specifically designed with both cat comfort and owner's convenience in mind. The Litter-Robot automatically sifts and re-sets the litter after each use, with the soiled waste disposed of into a conveniently located drawer underneath. This avoids the task of scooping, reduces the amount of cat litter used, and addresses unpleasant odours in your apartment. With a great durable design, this tool gives owner the freedom from daily cleaning up after their cat! Plus cats just love having a clean litter tray after each use.


When cats are not sleeping, they spend the majority of their time napping, so it is important to focus on what arrangements you are making to help improve your cat’s rest and relaxation time. Beds should be located in  warm, sunny, quiet yet communal areas, that are able to be seasonally adjusted to take advantage of the position of the sun.

The MeYou Cat bed from Cat Evolution creates a sanctuary for your cat that is a designer bed, also incorporating scratchability. . While the cosy ball creates a safe sanctuary for your cat, the modern sculptural design is made to compliment your space. This product will please both you and your cat!

Food and Water:

The placement of the food is important to the level of happiness and comfort of your cat. In order for your pet to feel secure, placing their food away from potential threats, such as other animals or high-traffic areas of the apartment, can give them peace of mind and allow them to enjoy their meal time.

Cats also prefer if their water and food are separated from one another by at least a few feet. They instinctively will search the apartment for other sources of water before drinking from a water dish next to their food. Cats inherently expect that their water would be contaminated by their food. Placing their water dish away from their food will encourage them to drink more water and avoid becoming dehydrated.

Private Places:

It is no secret that cats can be introverted animals and enjoy taking time out from their day to hideaway. Creating a safe place for your cat to spend some quiet time is essential. This can be achieved by making space available under your bed or inside a cupboard. Your cat should never be disturbed while enjoying their private get away so that they understand that it is a safe place just for them.  A great example of a private hideaway is the beautifully crafted and functionally designed Meyou cat bed which is an enclosed pod that provides a safe, warm and cosy place to hide.

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