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Cat ownership brings many joys, but it also brings the unavoidable chore of cleaning up after our cats. As our lives become increasingly busy, making tasks like litter tray cleaning automatic becomes essential in achieving a great lifestyle and comfort for you and your cat.

This is where Cat Evolution steps in. Modern cat convenience embodied in cat  furniture such as Meyou cat beds, and appliances like the Litter-Robot III Open Air, add style and functionality to enhance your lifestyle and meet your needs.

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Struggling to balance today's busy urban lifestyle with owning a cat? Cat Evolution can help. Get in touch with us online today or give us a call. We are more than happy to answer any questions regarding the automatic litter box and MeYou cat beds.


???? I have never encountered service as swift, courteous and thoughtful as that provided by you. You are to be commended for outstanding dedication to your customers, which I’m sure is a reflection of your pride in your products that, in my experience, cats love. ????
Michelle O.
Cat Evolution is one company I can deal with and not have a headache with! Which is very rare these days.
I’m wanting to say a HUGE Thank You for your brilliant customer service. I had so many questions before I purchased and all were answered promptly. My order arrived in record time and extremely well packed. My two Ragdolls love this machine. The minute it arrived they were in it. They now run to it when they hear it going so they can watch it going around ???? Thanks for everything x
Amy K.
Hi Mary. Thanks again for helping me today. You have been so kind helping us buy a cat robot but also after when we have had questions. Your care for your customers is so lovely and refreshing.
Lynsey P.
Your service is the second to none amazing and it's an absolute pleasure dealing with you every time.
We love our Litter-Robot and highly recommend it to anyone with cats. We had a problem with the cycle not functioning properly, and Mary from CatEvolution was absolutely fantastic in helping us resolve the issue, and it is now functioning perfectly. The ongoing customer care and support is excellent. We cannot recommend CatEvolution enough
Sarah-Jane F.
Thank you for all your help your customer service has been second to none
Gaye Kalpus
A week ago I finally invested in a Litter Robot... I feel like one of those snake oil salesman .... OMG it’s seriously life changing, with 4 cats, one being a big 9kg Bengal boy, I was cautious, thinking there may not be enough room for his size, trust me, he and his mates could have a party in there. Being time poor with running my own business, & a broken wrist since before Xmas (that was the deal breaker!) & me being the family pooper scooper, I agonized over justifying the cost, let me say, it’s been worth every bit of it, sanity saved, not scooping out poop twice a day on knees using the only good hand I’ve got, it’s been a godsend. A huge Thankyou to a friend for traveling before me & pretesting litters etc, it’s one of the best labour saving decisions I’ve possibly ever made. Litter Robot you rock. Did I mention it has a soft night light ????? & within two minutes of putting it in the space where the litter tray was, Babou the Bengal used it, within an hour all of them had used it just by showing them it was there. Cant speak Highly enough about this product, do your yourself a favour, don't wait too long, I should have bought one 18 Months ago, now saving for a second one
After having our kitten for a week I was already over scooping poop. Especially as he would seem to do one just as I was about to leave the house or in the middle of while I was cooking. After speaking to the breeder and reading so many positive reviews we decided to take the plunge. Our kitten took to it straight away with no issues what so ever. We had a little teething issue which was after a few days there was quite an odour coming from the machine. As it turned out it was the kind of litter we were using. I ordered the Cat Evolution Litter which is AMAZING! After giving the machine a good clean and starting from scratch with the new litter it has been odour free and I only have to empty once a week. This machine is worth its weight in gold. So easy to use, empty and clean. Heaps of great tutorials on youtube for tips on cleaning etc. I would highly recommend this product and the Cat Evolution Litter. I could never go back to a tray and scooping. Also thank you to Mary from Cat Evolution, her customer care is excellent!
Thank you Mary for helping me out on a Sunday and promptly resolving my problem (a faulty part replaced as part of the warranty). I am extremely grateful as it would have been very difficult for me to find time to sort out the issue during weekdays due to a demanding job. You don't see customer service like this anymore. Thanks again!
Tina C.
Thank you so much for the additional information. I had delayed in responding as I had several tests of this that first of all didn’t work. So I kept on trialling things. I had to get my dad to come and sort it out, and thankfully we were able to get the system to work automatically on the timed options. I have also since had to remove a bag of waste, so this was the ultimate test of whether it was going to work for me again and it has. I’m happy to report that the three cats that I have here are all using the litter robot and it is cycling after 3 minutes well. Thanks again for your advice, after moving the machine a little and ensuring it was not touching anything, as well as getting the weight distribution correct, it’s all working fine at this time. This was definitely one of the best purchases I have made, cleaning up after 3 cats was becoming a full time job and especially difficult if other people were looking after the cats as they would not be as diligent as I would in cleaning up after them. This system solves many problems and inconveniences now.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
I've tried multiple different litters, and this one is the best by far in terms of odour control. Can't smell anything -- amazing, thanks :)
Premium Clumping Cat Litter 18kg
Razia M.
I wanted to let you know that we are incredibly happy with the litter robot! It took us less than a week for Honey to fully adjust but she is loving it and still fascinated by the spinning motion. This was an amazing buy. I can’t believe that I don’t have to scoop litter anymore????
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Gerri W.
OMG everyone needs a Litter Robot. Our cats started using it straight away, no hesitation at all. They actually fight over it. I sent a pic of one of our cats in Litter Robot, this was taken as soon as we unpacked it and set it up. Thankyou Cat Evolution. I am soooo in love with my Litter Robot.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Bailey S.
They love it ???? took them about 4 days to transition! We already had an automatic tray so I think that helped them get the hang of it, plus they're young so a bit more adaptable I think.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Nathan F.
Thanks so much - The LitterRobot has already made my life significantly easier :D And made Gizmo and Gadget happier too im sure.
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect - Grey
Joshua W.
Thanks for checking in. Our cat has used open and enclosed litter boxes and has adjusted easily to new litter boxes, the Litter-Robot was no exception. Everything is working fine. You sorted my issue with the litter being too heavy so all works great.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Lily & Monty
Lily has found the staircase not only makes a grand entrance to her new Litter Robot Connect it has made her life easier as she has arthritis and the steps make an easier entrance and exit....highly recommended for not so young cats.........thankyou Mary for recommending them......
Litter-Robot III Open Air Ramp - Grey
Lily & Monty
Lily has found the staircase not only makes a grand entrance to her new Litter Robot Connect it has made her life easier as she has arthritis and the steps make an easier entrance and exit....highly recommended for not so young cats.........thankyou Mary for recommending them......
Litter-Robot III Open Air Ramp - Bisque
Lily and Monty
We love our Litter Robot Connect,,,,,we have had it just over one week and think it is Super Spiffy ....very flash super clean very quiet and most magnificent with the lovely staircase leading right up to the entrance....Lily specially finds this helpful as she is now Grandma's age. We found the soft floor funny at first but are used to it now and we no longer have dusty smelly feet like we used to as this litter is gentle on our toes and doesn't smell like the old kind did. We both love the blue night light our carer had to leave the connect on manual for the first 24 hours as we went rather often at first just to test it out.... All on automatic now ... We would like to thank Mary for advising our Carer she was a great help.....Our carer says the App ensures that all is working well and was easy to set up even for a 74 YO Grandma... !
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect - Grey