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Cat ownership brings many joys, but it also brings the unavoidable chore of cleaning up after our cats. As our lives become increasingly busy, making tasks like litter tray cleaning automatic becomes essential in achieving a great lifestyle and comfort for you and your cat.

This is where Cat Evolution steps in. Modern cat convenience embodied in cat  furniture such as Meyou cat beds, and appliances like the Litter-Robot III Open Air, add style and functionality to enhance your lifestyle and meet your needs.

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We love our Litter-Robot and highly recommend it to anyone with cats. We had a problem with the cycle not functioning properly, and Mary from CatEvolution was absolutely fantastic in helping us resolve the issue, and it is now functioning perfectly. The ongoing customer care and support is excellent. We cannot recommend CatEvolution enough
Sarah-Jane F.
Thank you for all your help your customer service has been second to none
Gaye Kalpus
A week ago I finally invested in a Litter Robot... I feel like one of those snake oil salesman .... OMG it’s seriously life changing, with 4 cats, one being a big 9kg Bengal boy, I was cautious, thinking there may not be enough room for his size, trust me, he and his mates could have a party in there. Being time poor with running my own business, & a broken wrist since before Xmas (that was the deal breaker!) & me being the family pooper scooper, I agonized over justifying the cost, let me say, it’s been worth every bit of it, sanity saved, not scooping out poop twice a day on knees using the only good hand I’ve got, it’s been a godsend. A huge Thankyou to a friend for traveling before me & pretesting litters etc, it’s one of the best labour saving decisions I’ve possibly ever made. Litter Robot you rock. Did I mention it has a soft night light ????? & within two minutes of putting it in the space where the litter tray was, Babou the Bengal used it, within an hour all of them had used it just by showing them it was there. Cant speak Highly enough about this product, do your yourself a favour, don't wait too long, I should have bought one 18 Months ago, now saving for a second one
After having our kitten for a week I was already over scooping poop. Especially as he would seem to do one just as I was about to leave the house or in the middle of while I was cooking. After speaking to the breeder and reading so many positive reviews we decided to take the plunge. Our kitten took to it straight away with no issues what so ever. We had a little teething issue which was after a few days there was quite an odour coming from the machine. As it turned out it was the kind of litter we were using. I ordered the Cat Evolution Litter which is AMAZING! After giving the machine a good clean and starting from scratch with the new litter it has been odour free and I only have to empty once a week. This machine is worth its weight in gold. So easy to use, empty and clean. Heaps of great tutorials on youtube for tips on cleaning etc. I would highly recommend this product and the Cat Evolution Litter. I could never go back to a tray and scooping. Also thank you to Mary from Cat Evolution, her customer care is excellent!
Thank you Mary for helping me out on a Sunday and promptly resolving my problem (a faulty part replaced as part of the warranty). I am extremely grateful as it would have been very difficult for me to find time to sort out the issue during weekdays due to a demanding job. You don't see customer service like this anymore. Thanks again!
Sandra Bruce
I bought the Litter Robot in 2017, as I was downgrading from a three-bedroom house in the country, to a 50sqm flat in the middle of the city. At that time we had three cats! And the oldest - Bunbury our big old man British Blue - suffered from advanced kidney disease (so lots of weeing. Lots.) A lot of research was done before committing to the Litter Robot, and while I had read through the FAQs and so was aware of potential concerns with large urine deposits, ultimately I decided it was the best option for our new life. And it was the perfect choice! The cats became accustomed to it within a week or so (transitioning from standard trays); the Robot could more than cope with Bunbury's toilet and the three cats - who would normally demand a tray each - all shared without a problem. This past Christmas, nearly two years later, our unit malfunctioned. The service from Mary at Cat Evolution has been wonderful. The problem was easily identified, and I was very happy to do the repair myself. Mary sent the parts, I followed the instructions, and hey presto - peace has been restored in the flat! I am very happy to recommend the Litter Robot to any feline family, it is such a civilised solution for a cat's toilette! che ers, Sandra, Cordelia, and Evie (vale Bunbury).
Melissa Pemberton
Having an issue getting our Litter Robot open air completely clean was proving an issue and thought it might be the liner which Mary was going to replace under warranty. She kindly offered to do the dismantle to swap it over and realised it wasn't the liner at all. Due to one of my cats being an 'elevator' pee-er - there was a build up on some hard to reach places. Mary thoroughly cleaned the globe and gave me a face to face tutorial on how to reach those hard to find spots! Love our Litter Robot and the amazing customer service we receive from Cat Evolution!
Susan E.
Thank you. Your follow up customer service is the best customer service I think I have ever experienced.
Amazing!!! What a wonderful thing not to have to deal with emptying litter trays especially with 3 cats, I empty the tray every second day as it is used alot One of my cats is blind and dosnt like change but it did not take her long to adapt to the automatic robot. I was concerned about spending so much $$$ but I have already noticed a difference in litter usage and to not have to pick up another litter tray Definalty a great investment and would recommend it to anyone wanting to look for a better alternative.
Michelle O
Thank you for your great customer service. Products fault and that is out of your control but you have been really easy to deal with and have made the process as easy as possible so thank you :)
Jodie-Marie & Chaos
So far amazing! Chaos was using it in less than 4 days. Day 1 he was so terrified I thought I could have made a bad decision but by the 3rd evening he was exploring it and day 4 I added litter and he used it immediately. So far my only dislike is plastic waste bags but I’m hoping to get biodegradable bags instead
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Jennifer C.
I am loving my new litter robot and our cats have taken to it very well. It is brilliant and I have told quite a few friends with cat about how great it is.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Brooke W.
Only had mine for just under a week now and I’m in love! I never have to scoop their litter again. My 4yo male took 2 days to get use to it but he’s great now. And my 12week old male loves to watch it cycle & always jumps in straight after a cycle too, to do his business ???? And your customer service is the best I’ve ever experienced, Thankyou Mary!
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Kiri H.
All 5 of our cats took to it straight away, no issues at all. We're loving it
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Amy R.
There is NO better litter then yours for the litter robots Everything else Ive tried does not clump well or sticks to the bottom and then makes a big mess!
Premium Clumping Cat Litter
R Horne.
I have two 1 year old osicats, I must say this was the best investment, well done for who ever designed this product, seriously empty 2 week and I’ve only had to wash the sphere twice since purchase.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Julie & Rasmus
Once again, thank- you for your detailed help yesterday. After dealing with your company on several occasions over the years, I'm now firmly convinced you must have the very best after-sales service of any pet supply company in Australia! Nothing is ever too much trouble and you always remain in regular contact with the costumer until the issue is resolved; and when there is no assistance needed and simply a sales transaction, you are always a pleasure to deal with.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Could not be happier. Had it over a year now, and cat loves it. Its improved my asthma with lack of dust. Cat was hooked within 2 hours. Lady I deal with has been incredible with some delivery issues. Couldn't be happier.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
My Australian Mist ran straight up this tree as soon as I put it into place. He loves it and I love the stylish look. I have it place in my dining room so that he can perch up there like the king he is and not fuss too much around my dinner guests but feel included. Its been a huge success.
Contoure Cat Tree
I waited a few months before buying this, weighing up the cost vs current expense and also the mess etc. I honestly am so pleased I got this, it’s so much easier and far less messy. There is a distinct difference to the smell in the house, I really can’t smell anything when I come through the door. The cats took to it straightaway, we put a couple of sprinkles of the old litter in there so they knew the smell. It’s not a noisy operation so the cats are not scared by the process of cleaning, in fact they seem mesmerised by it. Great purchase and the service from Mary has been exceptional!
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air