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Cat ownership brings many joys, but it also brings the unavoidable chore of cleaning up after our cats. As our lives become increasingly busy, making tasks like litter tray cleaning automatic becomes essential in achieving a great lifestyle and comfort for you and your cat.

This is where Cat Evolution steps in. Modern cat convenience embodied in cat  furniture such as Meyou cat beds, and appliances like the Litter-Robot III Open Air, add style and functionality to enhance your lifestyle and meet your needs.

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I have had my litter robot for one week now and I am in love with this product, with 2 indoor cats I was forever scooping litter but now I am free to spend more time with my babies and they also have clean litter all the time. Thank you cat evolution and Mary for your wonder information and constant contact has been one of the best customer service experience in my life, thank you once again.
Hi Mary and Ken, thank you both so much for your assistance in getting the F3 Pet Feeder set up today. It works like a dream. Bill is very happy with his new robot feeder friend.
Suzy Arndt
I have had my 2 litter robots for over 18 months & with 6 cats they have made my life so much easier. But I really want to rave about the customer service. Mary is not only quick to reply, but so informative! I was having a glitch with my robot due to needing to replace the main board (due to age & amount of kitties). Even tho my 18 month warranty had just run out I thought there wasnt anything that could be done - I was very wrong. Mary was absolutely amazing to help try figure out the problem & not only that she came to my home & spent a few hours replacing all the bits I needed to replace for both the robots & explained everything that she was doing. I cant express how happy I am with the customer service - its A grade service & will recommend Mary to anyone & everyone!! Dont think twice about buying the litter robot from Cat Evolution - JUST DO IT You wont be disappointed at all!!!!! Thankyou Mary for everything :)
???? I have never encountered service as swift, courteous and thoughtful as that provided by you. You are to be commended for outstanding dedication to your customers, which I’m sure is a reflection of your pride in your products that, in my experience, cats love. ????
This is the best litter bin in the 45 years of owning cats. The guys at cat evolution are simply fantastic. I had some hiccups with my machine. Up and running with no problem. 5 star customer service always
Michelle O.
Cat Evolution is one company I can deal with and not have a headache with! Which is very rare these days.
I’m wanting to say a HUGE Thank You for your brilliant customer service. I had so many questions before I purchased and all were answered promptly. My order arrived in record time and extremely well packed. My two Ragdolls love this machine. The minute it arrived they were in it. They now run to it when they hear it going so they can watch it going around ???? Thanks for everything x
Amy K.
Hi Mary. Thanks again for helping me today. You have been so kind helping us buy a cat robot but also after when we have had questions. Your care for your customers is so lovely and refreshing.
Lynsey P.
Your service is the second to none amazing and it's an absolute pleasure dealing with you every time.
We love our Litter-Robot and highly recommend it to anyone with cats. We had a problem with the cycle not functioning properly, and Mary from CatEvolution was absolutely fantastic in helping us resolve the issue, and it is now functioning perfectly. The ongoing customer care and support is excellent. We cannot recommend CatEvolution enough
Marilyn L.
Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I am very happy with my litter Robot connect.
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect - Grey
Samantha M.
Ginger wasn't sure at first but within a couple of hours he had done a wee. I had to move the litter box away and put the litter robot in a new place next to a powerpoint. Within 24 hours he had done a poo and I gave him lots of treats. As he is 3.5months old he transitioned to it very well. I used the same litter which really helped. When I put new clean litter with the old litter that's when he did his first wee. I'm sooo proud of him.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Amanda B.
Thank you for all your help with processing the refund, while I’m disappointed the robot didn’t work for us, I certainly can’t fault your customer service, you’ve been incredibly helpful!
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect - Grey
Alison L.
My 3 cats, Cola, Wizza and Riddle, and I are absolutely LOVING our Litter Robot we got a couple of months ago, they took to it first day (and it works perfectly with the Catsan clay litter they are used to from BigW, so nice and cheap). It is the best invention EVER and so well designed!!!
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Christian O.
Parts installed easily enough and my robot is back doing what is supposed to do ???? I was well over changing litter trays again, don't think I ever want to go back to that. thanks very much
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Naomi E.
Thank you so much for following up, our cats have taken really well to the litter robot. We ordered the ramp shortly after receiving the robot as one of my cats has 3 legs so this makes it easier. It has certainly made life easier not scooping and its helped reduced odour considerably.
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
Sally R.
Thank you for your help. I have tried these suggestions and I am pleased to say the unit is now working well on the automatic mode. - Q's welcomed!
Automatic Litter-Robot III Open Air
My Ragdoll kitty has taken over a month to embrace the Litter-Robot because she has ongoing upper respiratory issues which affect her smell so she did not recognise it as her new place to go. Most cats take to it in a very short time. Not mine! We had a dual system manual/robot going for about 2-3 weeks and in the end we went “cold turkey” because she needed that little push to start using the robot. Preparation before "cold turkey" is essential and worked for us. The Cat Evolution team helped me so much with tools on how to get my cat to transition and all of it contributed to our success. My kitty is now fully using the Litter-Robot. I recommend it highly and particularly as I knew my kitty was going to be a hard nut to crack but she got there in the end. Persistence is the secret because Cats hate change too fast.
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect
Delivery was great. Note that this is 4 x 6L (but not 24kg). The activated carbon removes more odour that clumping litter we've used before. Has a tendency to not go through the mesh and therefore a little will end up in the litter tray. This pack of 4 x 6L lasted us about 3 months (with 2 outdoor cats).
Tofu + Activated Carbon Cat Litter (4 x 6L)
Glynn Parry
Does what is advertised. Cat poops, it waits 7 minutes spins around and poop is gone. So much easier. Clean out the bag twice a week. Did buy the fence to stop the litter coming out but my still growing kitten exits so fast it shoots out the litter still. We are now looking at buying a cat litter mat to see if that will help.
Litter-Robot III Open Air Connect