The automatic feeder provides regular, portion controlled feeding when your cat expects it, without your hectic lifestyle being interrupted. Teamed with a filtered water fountain, both appliances provide a good store of the essential basics of food and water, streamlining providing the necessities without requiring daily attendance to the task. Adding automation to your cats care enables a routine that doesnt require you to be present. It also provides a change of focus from being your cats sole food source, to the treat and play purrson, with your interactions much more enjoyable than just being task orientated. 

For those who work hard and play hard,and are away from home, remote monitoring, including camera to stalk your kitties, plus manual feed option and audio and mic allow you to keep home life routine and well attended without worry. You can check up with notifications keeping you informed, and tuning in with the visual from the night and day camera when you feel the need to see or speak to your cats.  Automatic feeder and fountain combined with the Litter-Robot provide the purrfect cat care package, and even allow you to reclaim time away from home without hassles for you or your cats.

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